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July 14 2010

Adam Baldwin as a psychiatrist in In/Sight. Today Aaron Ginsburg (@DrLawyerCop on Twitter, currently writing for The Good Guys) revealed some of the cast for In/Sight, a new movie he wrote with Wade McIntyre currently in postproduction. The linked tweet includes a twitpic to a great photo of Mr Baldwin.

Along with Adam Baldwin, the cast includes the incomparable Juliet Landau (according to IMDb, anyway, not yet confirmed), Natalie Zea from Justified, and the wonderful Christopher Lloyd.

Edit: I can't believe I forgot the period. UGH!

Jayne in a tie? That is seriously disburbing my calm.....

Seriously, hope his new gig works out. Adam was hilariously funny on Firefly, and wonderfully threatening on Angel.

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