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July 14 2010

Mark Ruffalo offered role as Hulk in Avengers? According to multiple websites Mark Ruffalo is in talks to take over the role of Bruce Banner in The Avengers.

According to multiple websites Mark Ruffalo is in talks to take over the role of Bruce Banner in The Avengers. Apparently he has been offered the role but hasn't made a decision yet.

This originated from

However The Hollywood Reporter says he hasn't been offered the role, and is yet to meet joss.

I gotta say, it's an interesting choice and I'm on board with the idea. (Although I'd prefer Enver). (Just sayin').
I just saw the rumor on deadline. 1) Enver 2) Nathan

But I'm biased.
Mark Ruffalo was up for the role of Harvey Dent/Two Face in The Dark Knight.He would be a good choice and he's already held his own opposite Robert Downey Jr. in Zodiac.

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If Joss insisted on casting an actor from the Whedonverse for a major role opposite Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr., etc. (i.e. major movie stars) there would be an imbalance in star power that would seem off to audiences and studio execs. That's just not how Hollywood works. Plus, I cannot see Nathan as Bruce Banner. Enver, yes. But sadly it would look like the rankest favoritism.

Mark Ruffalo is awesome. He's closer to my conception of Bruce Banner AND he's apparently a more easygoing actor than Edward Norton Jr.

I've nothing but respect for Norton, especially the high quality of his work, but he is an actor who apparently demands creative input. The problem is that Joss seems to work in the completely opposite mode. He doesn't even want actors ad-libbing; his actors have to follow the confines of his vision. The only actor he ever bad-mouthed was Donald Sutherland, who resisted direction and decided he would do his own thing in the BtVS movie.

So Ruffalo > Norton.
I think Mr. Ruffalo is a phenomenal actor and I would not dislike this choice one bit.
Uhm, the guy playing Thor = newbie. Also, Nathan is Ant-Man last I read.

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Ruffalo is superb. I've been championing him ever since he stole the show in Eternal Sunshine and I'd love to see him in this.
Eternal Sunshine? So good.
Oh God, I'm gonna get slapped, but... I'd kinda like to see David Tennant as Bruce Banner. But, that's just me. I think it would be a great way for him to bust out of his Who and Potter-shells.
Is Fillion really cast as Hank Pym? Because that sooooo would be the perfect fit. Or is it just fanboy speculation become urban myth? Guess we'll find out next weekend. (Or not.)
Yes, but Chris Hemsworth is a hot property -- one of those actors who suddenly blow up from out of nowhere (like Sam Worthington... maybe Hollywood is in love with Australians?) and Nathan playing Ant Man makes more sense because the role is not iconic or probably featured -- I read Mark Millar's Ultimates and I'm still fuzzy on exactly who Ant Man is. Everyone knows the Hulk and having a near-complete unknown play him would strike audiences as off-putting.

I love Mark Ruffalo and think he suits the Bruce Banner role really well; I also don't see why just because Joss is directing, The Avengers has to be cast with actors he's already worked with. I mean, it's pretty cool that the J-man gets to work with Ruffalo, one of the most exciting actors in movies today, much less Robert Downey Jr., et al.
I saw Ruffalo in Shutter Island just two nights ago. He was great. I'm not sure if he's able to capture quite the simmering rage that Edward Norton can, but, he's a really good actor and I give him the benefit of the doubt.
I'm not sure how much truth there is to the David Tennant rumor.
Ruffalo's good, and I'm pretty sure he can pull this off, but hearing he was up for the role was a surprise, I must say. Looking forward to seeing what he does with it.
I heard the rumours of Nathan as Hank Pym too....which are particularly cool when you realise that Edgar Wright will be doing an Ant-Man film, so they may end up working together!

On another note re: creative input....doesn't RDJ have a lot of script input (as well as adlibs) on the Iron Man films? I wonder if that's going to carry over to Avengers...
Is it really true that Joss is going to direct this film? Is Nathan going to be in it? I'm going all fan girl.
I'm not a Ruffalo fan. Dohring would be way better. Andy Tudak. But not Rufflalo.
Joss is definitely going to direct. Nathan is in as BFF and announcement about Amy Acker and/or Summer Glau can't be far behind.
I was about to post this and then thought, nah, we've had too many Hulk posts lately. Then I saw it here. Oh well. I think Ruffalo would be a better choice than Phoenix.
I really dig this - Ruffalo is downright likeable
Not a huge Ruffalo fan. Couldn't see him playing Dent, glad Eckhart got that role. Ruffalo is kind of a throw away actor, IMO. Buuut is this really newsworthy in and of itself?
I'm with Mr Purple truly inked for this gig? I have yet to see that official announcement, have I?
Chiwetel could hold his own. At the very least.
Is it really true that Joss is going to direct this film? Is Nathan going to be in it? I'm going all fan girl.

Yes, it's all but confirmed by the big news scooper Nikki Finke herself (now, she occasionally gets stuff wrong but scoops like Joss directing Avengers and Nolan 'mentoring' a new Superman movie are invaluable).

I don't know if Marvel will be lenient enough to let Joss cast his BFFs (Joss, Summer, Amy, et al) in the movie. But the idea of Ruffalo working with Joss, RDJ and co. is enticing. I wanted Norton back, but oh well.
Buuut is this really newsworthy in and of itself?

Well, since we posted four stories in a row regarding Ed Norton that were of the "oh, snap!" variety, I can deal with a few possible casting stories.

Honestly, I prefer this.
Every so often I have to sit back and bask in the awesomeness that is this gig.
I heard Morgan Freeman was mulling an offer.

(there you go everyone, fixed the thread for you. No charge ;)

I don't put much credence in the David Tennant rumour but it'd be an interesting choice. Ruffalo's a good actor but he's not nerdy enough to play Banner IMO, that's what made Norton so perfect, he made both the nerd and the barely contained rage totally believable.
Why not James Marsters - if he can go from 'William the bloody awful poet' to 'Spike the Slayer of Slayers' in "Fool for Love", he can certainly do nerd-to-hulk.
Any good actor can act nerdy.

Also, with regards to Chris Hemsworth blowing up - when he was cast as Thor (as revealed by Deadline early on, by the way) he hadn't even started shooting MGM's never-to-be-released Red Dawn. He was cast and people said "who?".
Not act the part, look the part. Mark Ruffalo looks like the kind of guy that beat nerds up at school*, Edward Norton looks more like the beatee. Likewise, I wouldn't cast Norton as James Bond (unless I was going for a different take on the role) even though he has the acting chops to spare and then some.

* that's no reflection on Mr Ruffalo BTW, i'm sure he's a perfectly decent guy that didn't bully anyone.
I don't understand all this fuss about the actor to play the Hulk. Isn't the Hulk just a man in a green suit anyway? Could be played by anyone.
I agree with Saje - that's the major reason why I can't see Ruffalo as Bruce Banner - the same reason why I couldn't believably watch the version with Eric Bana - and I've been an Eric Bana fan since before the Americans had ever heard of him.
The casting is really for Bruce Banner, and I don't see Ruffalo in the part. I suppose they could use that actor for motion capture animation, so the way he moves could also be important.

Andy Serkis would make a good Banner, wouldn't he? ;)
flugufrelsarinn I'm right there with you. Seriously, what's the big deal? Fans of The Avengers will probably go see the movie no matter who gets cast in what role. Just like fans of Joss will go see it if he actually is directing it.

It's not like the casting choices have anything to do with Joss, really. I mean, they're not attacking his character if they change their minds on who they want to play a certain role.

The only reason I click these links is to see if someone explains why it matters who gets cast. So far no one has. They all sing the praises of whatever actor is being talked about, but no one has outright said anything that would explain the hub-bub. And it's just one role. Isn't this another of those ensemble super-hero movies? Why does it matter so much who gets the part of the Hulk?

redeem147 Andy Serkis needs more work, period. Someone want to hire him to read the phone book?

Gets a major case of the giggles imagining Andy reading the phone book and being interrupted by Smeagol and Gollum, who get into an argument about how to say a surname.
Well, what's the big deal about any casting choice ? And why does it being an ensemble matter ? 'Firefly' was an ensemble, does that mean all the actors were interchangeable in the parts ? Does it not matter who played Zoe or Wash or Mal because it was an ensemble ? Could anyone play them if there was a sequel to 'Serenity' because we, as fans, would likely go and see it anyway ?

As has been pointed out, the part isn't just the Hulk, it's also Bruce Banner. Some people care who plays him in the same way that you might care who plays e.g. Giles ShadowQuest because, as seems self-evident, different actors bring different qualities (physical appearance among them) and abilities to a role which impacts how effective they are in conveying the character and therefore, to some extent, impacts our enjoyment of the movie. Is it a big deal ? Ultimately no because no-one will die, it's just a film. But by that reckoning at least 99% of what we talk about on here is also fundamentally unimportant, doesn't stop us discussing it.
But by that reckoning at least 99% of what we talk about on here is also fundamentally unimportant, doesn't stop us discussing it.

You mean we're not saving the world here? *sulks*

I love Mark Ruffalo and I think he's very sexy, but that in itself seems not very Bruce Bannerish. I remember vaguely reading some Hulk comics as a kid but I can't say I know much about the character and I didn't watch any of the movies. That said, Edward Norton did strike me as a brilliant piece of casting. Obviously he looks right for the nerdy little guy (which Mark Ruffalo doesn't, though I'm sure he can act it, but he'll still have that big brick of a face) and someone upthread mentioned "simmering rage" which says it nicely. Bleh. I don't care much but I'm a little disappointed it won't be Edward Norton. And those saying Enver would be great, yeah, I can TOTALLY see him doing it (or anything really).

(I don't know nothin' but I assume the Hulk is CGI and so the actor will just be Bruce Banner, right?)
You mean we're not saving the world here? *sulks*

Only on Tuesdays.

The CGI Hulk is usually kind of extrapolated from the actor's physical appearance but it's so distorted that from that perspective it doesn't really matter who does it (because the Hulk being big and green is going to overshadow any contribution of the actor's face). It's more about playing Banner.
Didn't we used to save the world on Mondays? Did I miss a memo?

I like Ruffalo's acting, but he doesn't have the appearance personally. Not only the "brick" face, but after watching that blind movie with Julianne Moore, I can't see him as anything but old. How old is he?
Saje What I meant about ensemble is there are several other actors involved in this project. Why is it such a major deal here who plays the part of the Hulk? Is he the main character? Does he get the most screen time? Is it all about him? Or is he a supporting character? Is there an actual "star" character? I know nothing about the Avengers, so I don't know how important the Hulk is.

But the way this board's been buzzing about the casting choices the last couple weeks, I had the impression he was major, and casting the "wrong" actor would seriously upset a lot of fans and perhaps put them off the entire thing.

I don't know any of the actors being discussed (Aside from the 'verse actors, of course) except for David Tennant and Andy Serkis. I vaguely remember the TV show with Lou Ferrigno, don't think I've ever read a Hulk comic, and have never seen the movies. So I'm a bit curious about the fervor, is all.

Sheesh. Guess maybe I should just go into lurk mode.
Saje What I meant about ensemble is there are several other actors involved in this project. Why is it such a major deal here who plays the part of the Hulk?

Yeah, that's what ensemble means so I kind of got that. As per my 'Firefly' example, it being an ensemble makes no difference that I can see to the importance of who is cast in a specific role so i'm not really sure why you think it matters ShadowQuest. Do you not agree that one badly played character in an ensemble can spoil a film ?

As to the buzz on here, well a) Joss is (likely) directly involved in the movie and since it's pretty huge this could well be the breakout hit many of us think he deserves (so we'd rather it didn't suck owing to poor casting - i've no idea how big a part the Hulk plays in the film but he's one of Marvel's "big hitters" character wise), b) this is the sort of place where you're likely to get fans of The Avengers/comics in general (again with the wishing it not to suck) and c) the way Edward Norton was (apparently) dumped off it was somewhat controversial. But that said, we can post 100+ comments on just the vague rumour of a sequel to 'Serenity' so none of this speculation strikes me as particularly massive or over the top.

As to "lurk mode", that's up to you but don't feel you have to on my account, you are (of course) free to express any opinion you like within the site rules. I do kind of wonder why you joined this particular discussion though when your position seems to be "This discussion is unimportant and I don't get why you guys are even talking about it" - wouldn't the more sensible choice then be to, y'know, not bother to join it in the first place ?

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