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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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July 14 2010

Melbourne Writers Festival presale on now. If you subscribe to the newsletter you can start buying tickets for Joss' keynote now. Ticket sales open to the general public tomorrow at 11am. See you there!!

I'll be there! I've got my tickets and am very excited!!
Woo-Hoo! Got my ticket! Row A, too...
I've subscribed, but no info about how to buy in the presale. Help!
Go to and click the link there ;)

Or just go straight to this link.

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I didn't subscribe, but for some reason, general ticket sales are open now, anyway. I still got 3rd row centre, so I'm quite happy with that.

Looks like I need to book a flight to Melbourne!
I had no idea Joss was going be at the writers festival, till my friend just called and asked if I wanted to go. I'm all excited now! :)
I got my tickets as well. Yay! I just had a look at ticket sales, and the floor seats have sold out. There are still seats in the balcony though.
Just bought a couple of tickets! So psyched!
Just brought the 2 last tickets :)

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