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July 14 2010

Get the first episode of Buffy (not the unaired pilot) free on iTunes. Download "Welcome to the Hellmouth" on iTunes for free. The whole first season is also on sale for $19.99.

And itunes has every season. When did that happen?
Sadly this seems to be good only for the U.S.
The pilot always makes me feel bad for fat Willow, and so glad we got Alyson.
"Fat Willow"? Her name is Riff Regan.
For those interested there are also free eps of BSG, X-files, Doctor Who, Chuck, and Star Trek DS9. Just look in Free on iTunes under TV episodes.
It's actually the premier episode of the first season not the unaired pilot.
@Lioness, you can create an account even if you're not in the U.S.
You don't need a credit card, and you can download free episodes and music. It works fine with me (I'm in Spain). Give it a try ;)
Downloading this as we speak. Ready to show it to friends at work tomorrow.
"Welcome to the Hellmouth" is not the Pilot ep, but thanks for the heads-up anyway :)
How nice! Downloaded the free X-Files as well.
In fairness, Buffy technically never had a pilot anyway, so Hellmouth has as much claim to that title as the presentation.
Might be going to hell for this, buuuuut this exchange made me laugh out loud.

"The pilot always makes me feel bad for fat Willow, and so glad we got Alyson.
iwearthecheese | July 15, 01:55 CET

"Fat Willow"? Her name is Riff Regan.
10th Crew Member | July 15, 02:00 CET"
*clicks link*

*waits on iTunes download*

*waits on iTunes installation*

*gets Apple store membership*

*waits for download on now-lagging internet connections*

How many hoops must I jump through? All for one free download? I should've just left it alone.

Though, in fairness, if I'd already had iTunes this would be less of a hassle.

Misleading subject line should maybe be changed. "Welcome to the Hellmouth" doesn't count as the pilot and has never been referred to as such, from what I recall. It's the series premiere.

The "unaired pilot" (also referred to as the "half hour unaired pilot" and sometimes "presentation reel") is the cheesier, different-Willow-actor-featuring thing that for a long while back in the `90s seemed to only be viewable by way of not-great-quality VHS bootlegs and VCDs.

Cool that iTunes is offering "WttH" for free, though I don't think it'll make too many believers out of newbies and doubters.
... though I don't think it'll make too many believers out of newbies and doubters.

Nope, not these days (one downside of being fairly successful/influential is that what was once fresh and quirky has had 13 years of imitators). Still, free's free and, eVilTunes hoops aside, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick as they say.

And $19.99's pretty steep for 13 episodes but I guess someone has to pay for the iPhone 4 recall ... rumoured recall, I meant to say rumoured ;-).
Not free in Canada apparently. Still, I do like the idea of having episodes of Buffy to carry around on my iPhone...
Is it possible to get this if I live in the UK?
Mask your proxy and then you can probably get it, yeah.
If you wanna dl from Europe then use your paypal account!

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