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"Scully wants me so bad."
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July 14 2010

Bring It On: 10 year anniversary event with Clare Kramer. The New Beverly Cinema is hosting the event this Saturday, the 17th. Clare will be in attendance for the screening, followed by a Q&A session.

Who, besides me, feels suddenly old? :)

I would go to that if I lived anywhere near there. < /endwhine>
And let's not forget erstwhile Cordette, Nicole Bilderback . . . I genuinely love this movie, and I used to live within walking distance of the New Bev, but I just can't make a midnight screening this Saturday, darn it. Hope some folks get to go. 'Cos, you know,

We cheer and we lead,
We act like we're on speed.
you hate us coz we're beautiful,
but we don't like you either . . .

I'm just gonna take this opportunity to say that the New Bev is the best movie theater in LA in terms of film selection. They're so good <3 I'm hoping to live within a couple blocks of it when I get back out to LA in August. Of course, I'm really just hoping to have a place to live at all when I get back out there :p

Wish I could make it to this, but alas, I am home for summer.
You're not alone Kungfubear...

I can't believe it's been ten years. Now I have the urge to watch it and cheer along. LoL
Wow, 10 years? What was I doing all this time?
This movie was my introduction to the Whedonverse.

It was like:

*sees Eliza Dushku* "Who is THAT?!"

*googles* "Whoa! She was the kid in True Lies...and she grew up to look like that?!?!"

*scrolls* *sees BTVS* "Who-fy The What Now?"

*catches up on Buffy to be able to watch rest of series without being horribly confused, and watches everything Whedon makes from then on*
Bring it On as an introduction to the Whedonverse!? That is the first time Ive heard that turn of events. But its all good if it leads to more Buffy. And I do admitt that Eliza made the movie a lot more enjoyable.
Nectar Rose (Lenore from Serenity) is also in this movie. She's the one that does that major hurl backstage. And yes, feeling old.
Torrance Shipman: Missy is bank!
Courtney: Bankrupt!

This movie is in Alexreager's top 100.

I love cheerleader movies. So I have the "Bring it On" movies on dvd.

Kirsten Dunst made me watch it! (Interview with a Vampire, so still a connection to the Whedonverse.. pfew)

"You know, mothers have killed to get their daughters on squads.
That mother didn't kill anybody. She hired a hit man."

Or mothers turning themselves into their daughters... ghehe

Bring it!

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