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July 15 2010

This week's Entertainment Weekly has a sneek peek at "The New Buffy". By all indications, it's a first look at the Buffy Season 8 motion comic which will debut on iTunes on July 19th.

When I saw the cover of the issue,I was wondering what they meant by the new Buffy.I had forgotten about the motion comics.Makes sense to preview them now since season 8 is reaching its end.
Just got the mag today and immediately flipped it open to search for this. From EW:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 Motion Comic
While Joss Whedon's Dark Horse comic-book series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is about to end - the five-issue finale begins in September - a special animated series (i.e., motion comic) kicks off this week, giving life to the first 19 issues. (It's based on the comic book based on the live-action TV show based on the 1992 movie. Got that?) Anyway, fans can now watch Buffy really tussle with the forces of evil. The first episode debuts on iTunes July 19,2010 (Fox Home Entertainment); DVD out this Fall.
Thanks for that BHats0414. I added that iTunes news to the entry.
Thanks for reporting on that BHats0414.I wll definitely be buying the DVD in the fall.
Oh, okay. Heart palpitations slowing.
Yeah, I was one of those bitching about how motion comics from Marvel was a stupid idea that would never catch the horseless carriage or that vulgar device called the television. (and I still think its kind of a silly product--motion comics, not tv) But I can't wait to see this new Buffy motion-comic.

Does that make a hypocrite? Or maybe just a bad "judge of cool?" I shudder to think its the latter. Then again, is it better to be a hypocrite than lacking an accurate cool-meter?
Glad I could help everyone out with info - as you can see I was really excited to see what they meant by "The New Buffy" on the cover!
New Buffy voice, for sure!
So are they simply animating Georges' art like in typical motion comics, or we getting proper animation (i.e., Disney, The Simpsons, etc.)?

Also, when I saw this cover, I was worried that the Buffy remake was picking up steam again..thank god it's not!

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Just realized: July 19 is Monday. It's odd that we have not heard a thing about the voice cast or seen a trailer/clips.
Who is going to voice it?
Professional voice actors (not the Buffy cast).
It's a motion comic, so not "proper animation", Riker. Because then it wouldn't be a motion comic. :) I've seen bits and pieces and really enjoy it.
This is great news....

Now instead of just reading an infuriating, incoherent, character and continuity gutting comic book, I can pay to see it poorly animated!

Can’t wait for volume 2 and the “pop-up book style” space frakkin’…..
You can, of course, not buy it mbeauparland..
I hate and despise the animation style of motion comics, so I'm not sure if I want to buy this. Wish I could see some clips and make an informed decision.
Professional voice actors (not the Buffy cast).

Yeah, but who?
I hope we get some sort of preview clip soon, I'm really intrigued to see how it'll look.
Ooooh. I had no idea there would be a motion comic. Cool! I'll buy it.
Riker, I've no idea - I don't believe any of them are 'names'. I've heard it's jarring at first ('cos people are used to 7 seasons of other people), but after you get over it you, er, get over it.
I hope its more like limited animation than comic book pages being zoomed in on. I'm not a huge fan, but will buy this since I have about £30 on my iTunes account. Perfect medium for the iPhone/Pod, I think.

Also, its good to hear its actual actors doing the work instead of one person (a la Watchmen).
I actually didn't mind the Buffy actress from the video games, it would possibly be nice to see her back again (unless they found someone who's actually better). I still can't tell and am rather curious about how much they're promoting this thing though. I still would have loved any actual Buffy animated series someday, whether that one they had scripts of or a spinoff of the comic.
This does sound kinda awesome and man I hope it does well... I also hope "Professional Voice Actors" can be translated to mean the actual freaking cast doing the voices because otherwise it's just not Buffy without the TV cast and Joss involved at some point.
It's not the Buffy cast doing the voices.

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