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July 15 2010

Hot Topic has a new line of Buffy clothing. They have a few new t-shirts and the Gelaskin iPhone covers. These can be found online or at the store.

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Isn't it kind of weird that they don't have an actual 'Buffy' T-shirt in their Buffy line?
That's exactly what I said Jesse! I'm assuming it must be a relatively new line and they will produce more if it is successful. I got SO overexcited when my friend told me there were BTVS t-shirts at the local mall though, lol.
I'm thinking that they're having issues getting SMG's permissions to use her likeness?
Actually, if you zoom in, Buffy (from Prophecy Girl) is on the Spike T-shirt.
I'm totally getting the Dark Horse Buffy cover <3
I know nothing about Hot Topic but it seemed to get a bit of flak on the replies to our Whedonesque twitter account. Any reason why?
Hot Topic just gets a bad perception from geeks sometimes because they think it's mostly just for emo kids and goths, but they really do have some awesome and geeky stuff there.

Except for skinny jeans, and Twilight merch. Now that stuff is just plain crap!
Sigh. I'm tired, and got all excited thinking that it was outfits from the show (not the actual ones the actor wore, but the styles available in all sizes or whatever). There are many of Buffy's outfits I want.
The title has the word 'has' twice. Just pointing it out.

Anyway, nothing I'd buy.
I've always embarrassingly liked Hot Topic ever since they started doing Invader ZIM stuff. Surprised it took so long for Buffy to turn up, now I think about it. Nothing there is particularly grabbing my attention yet though. I'd buy a cardigan/fleece if it had like a heart with a stake through, or something.

Simon, watch South Park's The Ungroundable
Nothing there really rocks my world. Actually, nothing there even vaguely shakes my world. Which probably makes my world the ideal place to be during an earthquake.
I love the design of the split Angel/Angelus though as a 33 year old woman I think I might feel kind of childish wearing it.
Oh Catherine, I thought the same thing! I got all excited thinking that I would finally be able to buy Buffy's yummy sushi pajamas! Which of course I could, since they ARE available for purchase....
I'd wear the Spike. Or the Angel. I'm 54.

So much for my clothing taste. ;)
CrystalSC, wear it now, before you're 43, looking back thinking how you should have worn it when you were 33. Then 53, thinking back and wishing you've worn silly stuff when you were 43.
I really like the Angel(us) design but I don't think I'd ever be caught wearing something like that in public. And I'm a guy who usually has 0% interest in my own fashion sense.
Anyone think the Spike shirt is incongruous with Buffy circa season 1 on it?
I think the shirts are great for Comic-Con. ;) It really is sad- I have a FULL closet of geeky shirts (most of them Whedony) and I can't wear them to work. :(

I know nothing about Hot Topic but it seemed to get a bit of flak on the replies to our Whedonesque twitter account. Any reason why?

Well, Simon, I used to shop there (when I could still where what I wanted to). The shops are always epically designed (goth doors, good music, relatively dark place to be). They specialize in "pop culture with a twist" I suppose you could say. So, things like Invader Zimm (have two shirts of that), Bob Marley, the Matrix coats, that cartoon death Emily chick, Sesame Street, Goonies, Star Trek, with special emphasis on Wil Wheaton... all displayed in a punk "F the wold I'll do what I want" sort of way.

So, yeah, it attracts emos, goths, and punks, but it's all very friendly. And when Twilight hit, it hit hard.
Anyone think the Spike shirt is incongruous with Buffy circa season 1 on it?

Tis weird, but I choose to believe it's a tie-in with S8's upcoming time-bendy season finale. Or not. *Shrug?*
A lot of geeks hate them on general principle. When I hit about 23 I jumped straight from "I am nowhere near cool enough to be allowed in there" to "I can't believe so many people want to go in there," and I know a lot of my geeky friends have sort of the same thing going on. Other than the ones who talk about "real" punks and see the place as a gathering spot for posers.

It doesn't help that they jump on every pop-culture meme like it's a life jacket in an otherwise empty ocean, generally selling a lot of stuff that you can only, well, wear at Comic-Con. And not like the "%20 - The Final Frontier" shirt I'm wearing right now, either: very loud, over the top stuff. Like those Buffy shirts.
I wear t-shirts (including Buffy) when I'm not at work. All the time. And you know what - alot of my fandom friends do too.
embers that's awesome - thanks for the yummy sushi PJs link! I just put them on my wishlist so I'll remember when my birthday rolls around. The PJs weren't top of my list of Things Buffy Wore That I Want To Wear, but still, fun :).
I was just in a Hot Topic but didn't catch these. (I was lured in by the Scott Pilgrim trailer and they were playing a Zooey Deschanel "She & Him" song-- maybe even "In the Sun" but then the next track was immediately some Goth-rock as I would have expected.

Anyway, my perception of them as a kid/teen was that it was far more "Goth" but then their archways got redesigned and they put more prominently geeky/retro things towards the front and they also moved vaguely more "indie" I suppose. They were sort of annoyingly/uncomfortably nice whenever I wandered in though.

That aside, I'd actually sort of like them were it not for the fact basically every interesting T-shirt is black. Much like these ones which actually have vaguely dynamic designs.
Didn't HT sell Firefly shirts a few years ago? And I wear my UCSunnydale TShirt out & about. It does get attention from some people "where is...?" "Oh, just west of Goleta" :-))
And not like the "%20 - The Final Frontier" shirt I'm wearing right now, either: very loud, over the top stuff. Like those Buffy shirts.

Yeah, this is my issue with most of the Buffy wearable merch. It's right up in everyone's face. Personally I prefer fan stuff where only fans really know what it's about (or interested people might ask out of curiosity - I have an old, well-worn 'Firefly' inspired "Black Market Beagles" T-shirt that people sometimes ask about, usually "Is that a band ?").

This kind of thing [] is more my speed (the "Amity Island Welcomes You!" one will be mine, oh yes. Just as soon as my cashflow[s]).
I love over the top t-shirts, but I just can't walk around with a strangers face on me. Because there's a little voice in my head saying "What if he/she saw you, walking around, wearing his/her face. What a embarrasment."

But I think they're cool, and try to choke that voice. On the other hand, there are cooler Buffy-wear seen at cafeexpress than the face-ones.
Thanks so much for the link, Saje! That website is great, and those shirts are very hush clever. I like how they show you the inspiration for the shirt (just roll over the design).

It's sad that I only knew 2 of the inspirations before cheating: Dapper Dan (O Brother Where Art Thou?) & Wally World (National Lampoon's Vacation). If they added Whedon shirts to the mix... man! Wouldn't that be swell? *sigh* I recommend peeps check it out. ;)
Very welcome ;). Yeah, they have some pretty cool stuff on there korkster (and in a variety of colours - as someone mentions upthread, a lot of these fan t-shirts tend to come only in black which can get a bit old after a while). I got pretty much all the sci-fi references when I first stumbled on the site but some of the others went over my head too (the "Autobahn" one for instance, despite having seen 'The Big Lebowski' a fair few times).

Not cheap unfortunately but c'est la vie.
Hey, were did the Spike t-shirt go?

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