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July 15 2010

(SPOILER) CBR reports that "The Guild" comics will be back in 2011. The official announcement by Dark Horse will be at Comic Con, but eh... cat's out of the bag. Some minor spoilers about the previous comics and S4 of the wildly successful web-series.

I like what they have planned for Guild II. It's interesting the regular show hasn't done such an "arc" before, but doing it for the comics would be a better idea.
I loved the 3 issue mini, and really can't wait to see these follow ups, especially if "Vork" will be co-writing his own issue. Interspersing the in-game activities with their real lives was a great idea that works better in the comic than it would in the show (esp. given the show's budget) and I loved how Rugg varied the artwork in the first series to differentiate between the two worlds.

I loved the Season 4 premiere, too!
I'm very excited about this, I thought that Felicia did an amazing job with her 'origin story', she seems to have a real talent for comic book writing (telling a lot in a short space so I felt that each issue really moved the story forward). I'll definitely be buying/subscribing to the new series!
The Guild comics were great, and I can't wait to see Jeff Lewis/Vork's world! I do wonder which one came first now though...

That was a great interview, and I love the killer ending. ;)
Speaking of the first mini-series, the TPB will be out in December: DH site
Glad to see Felicia will be writing more comics. The Guild comics have been really good so far. I was not surprised, but sad to read in the recent interview that people have questioned her writing skills because of her looks. She obviously can deliver a solid script, and I hope we get to see non-Guild stories from her in the future too.
I was really impressed with how well Felicia transitioned into writing comics. The origin story was fantastic. She should not be underestimated.
For anyone wondering, I didn't notice any big spoilers--if you've watched the S4ep1 Guild webisode, you'll be fine.
She's been very careful about not spoiling anything. Sneaky.

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