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July 15 2010

Nathan Fillion: Captain Tightpants or Captain Hammer? Nathan Fillion has been blessed with several fan favorite roles. Considering all the options, which role will you best remember him for?

Captain Tightpants, always. although Richard Castle is fairly close to my heart,too.
I second: Captain Tightpants—without a doubt one of the best and most complicated characters ever written for television. ever.
Captain Caleb Pardy Hammerpantscastletully :)
I think, at this stage, I will remember him for being Nathan Fillion with all his Double Rainbow goodness.
Captain Hammerpants?
Even Castle emulates Mal.
All kinda the same vibe to me.
I, too, am surprised there hasn't been a FilliCon yet. ;)

I voted Captain Hammer, but the whole poll is moot anyway, isn't it? How can their internet audience not be biased in such a thing?

Firefly may not be well known to "norms", but in every internet blog it reigns mighty. The 75% landslide is not a surprise. (A few votes may have been towards Tightpants just to spite the person who didn't like Serenity.)
I think, at this stage, I will remember him for being Nathan Fillion with all his Double Rainbow goodness.

Jaymii | July 16, 02:12 CET

I'm with u - Nathan is his own character :D
Something about FilliCon sounds a little off to me, but that might be because I have a dirty mind.

I like Castle the best. But Captain Hammer too. And, and - MAL!

Okay I just like Nathan Fillion. xD
The ex-boyfriend from "Blast From the Past."

What? It's either that or 'the other Ryan' in "Saving Private Ryan."

However, Caleb works too. :)
I loved "the other Ryan" even before I'd seen Firefly and knew who Nathan Fillion was. When I watch it now, it's even better.

That said, Captain Tightpants FTW.
Too bad Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place isn't on DVD so we can include Johnny Donnelly in polls like this and know what we're talking about. Or what I'm talking about. That and The Inside for Adam Baldwin/Tim Minear polls.
I love their listing so many roles, but they left out the sheriff in Slither (and the doctor in The Waitress)! He is still Mal to me, and I love my Captain... but he is definitely making a fine Richard Castle, and if that show runs long enough then I may end up accepting him as my favorite NY mystery writer.

And I totally remember Nathan in 'Two Guys', as well as Adam in 'The Insider', but those shows will never come anywhere close to Firefly.

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Do they still have comic books at Comic Con?
Nathan will always be Joey Buchanan for me.

A man's Buchananity is what separates him from reptiles, and lawn furniture.
I remember him as Joey Buchanan - he was the best Joey they ever had! But, Malcolm Reynolds will always be my favorite role for him but he's great in everything he's been in!
I want a FilliCon @ SDCC next year. I agree that Fillion is the only reason Castle has a panel this year.
I kind of love that the poll currently shows Johnny Donnlley, Alex Tully, and Kevin Callis at "0%, 1 [or 2] Votes," but Dr. Adam Mayfair at "1%, 0 Votes." Any system of mathematics in which either 1 < 0 or 1% < 0% has my vote for awesomeness.

Oh, and Mal. All the way.
I vote Gao the Lesser.
I vote for Nathan Fillion as Nathan Fillion on Commentary! The Musical. Hilarious.
I love my Captain
I had to think about it. Between the two Captains, I think Hammer is a little closer to how he really is (although heavily exaggerated, and I don't think his ego is that big). And the funny, makes him so memorable. So that one.

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Which role do I think he will be best remembered for ? 'Castle' i'd imagine, as the poll blurb says, it's got all the qualities it needs (except - so far - number of episodes) to be being repeated in 20 years, like "Murder She Wrote" or whatever.

Which role will I remember him best for (so far) ? That'd be The Cap. A character so interesting, multi-faceted and downright cool that you even forget he's called Malcolm. How many roles can you say that about eh ? Exactly.
Mal Reynolds is one of the most interesting, complex, entertaining fictional characters of the last decade. He'll make his mainstream mark and fortune with Castle, but I doubt he'll ever get a better role than Captain Reynolds.
That's a co-sign with Andy's comment above mine.

Fillion got to show off some sublime subtlety and a lot of different colors in that role. I've always hoped he might snag one of that caliber again but if he doesn't, it's a fine one to be remembered for.
Going with the 'I love my Captain' crowd, a truly classic character.
Although my Castle love is definitely growing.
Going with the "I love my Captain" crowd too. Classic.
A man's Buchananity is what separates him from reptiles, and lawn furniture.

Here, here, QuoterGal! Just listened to Commentary! yesterday. Such great fun! I find it hard to <3 Nathan more than I already do.

I want a FilliCon @ SDCC next year. I agree that Fillion is the only reason Castle has a panel this year.

At first I agreed, Spacegirl3200, but then disagreed. I'd say he's one of the main reasons, but not the only reason. I think the 2nd reason is Bones. What's that show doing there? Could it be purely due to Boreanaz? And after all the internet chatter about how those two shows are extremely similar (yet oceans different), to me it seems unfair to allow one and not the other.

Now, I would say that the only reason BOTH of those shows are at SDCC is because of their male stars... which owe their cult fame to a particular person...

You know? It should really be called WHEDON CON, with some other stuff. ;)
Captain Tightpants, definitely!
Definitely going to have to go with my Captain. His other roles are nice, but Firefly always makes for good times. And there wouldn't be much of that without Captain Tightpants! Duh.
He'll always be Joey Buchanan to me - and he was the best of any Buchanans - Joey or otherwise - I saw. :)

I would have to vote for Captain Mal as certainly his best character and I think may possibly be his best remembered if we're talking 20 years down the line. Castle is a great role for him, I enjoy the show very much and the interaction between the characters, but even now I find that it is so similar in tone and characters (outside of Castle's family) to The Mentalist (which I also enjoy) that I sometimes forget which one I'm watching.

As people have already said, Mal is complicated and memorable. I think anyone who has watched Firefly/Serenity will remember Mal for a long time. I don't think the same can be said of Castle.

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