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July 15 2010

30 TV Stars with Two Classic Roles. The gallery features David Boreanaz and Alyson Hannigan.

This makes me realize how little TV I actually watch. The vast majority of these shows I've either never seen, or only checked out a couple of times.

But I still have a major issue ... no Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under, Dexter)? No Peter Krause (Sports Night, Six Feet Under)? What is this lack of Six Feet Under love??

Nice to see Julianna Margulies on the list. I only watched ER intermittently for the first two seasons, but The Good Wife is definitely above the cut for a broadcast network series, and she is excellent in it.
Okay this is dating me but Michael Landon but no mention of him as "Little Joe" on Bonanza? Major fail.

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I guess 'Classic Roles' mitigates most choices, but...

JD Williams as Kenny Bricks in Oz and Bodie in The Wire.

Duchovny surely rates with Mulder, Dennis/Denise and Hank Moody.

Michael J. Anderson as The Man From Another Place and Samson Leonhart.

And for UK viewers Ian McShane has Lovejoy to go with Swearengen.
I suppose Castle is too new to be considered "classic"? Duchovny certainly should have made the list. Gary Cole? (American Gothic still haunts me)

And most of the long term cast of Days of Our Lives have played evil twins or characters who have lost their memory and think they are someone else. (The first one to come to mind then was Roman. If you would like your mind blown, read the Wikipedia entry for Roman Brady, or even just the first paragraph of the background)
'Castle' is less new than (or possibly just as new as) 'The Good Wife' which is on there so presumably they just don't think he's a classic character.

Yep, this list takes the definition of "classic" and goes to a pretty hilarious place with it in some cases. And by "hilarious" I obviously mean depressing. Mitch Buchanan from 'Baywatch' ? The main character from 'Cougar Town' ? Nash frikkin' Bridges ? Really ? Talk about celebrating mediocrity. Describing it as "a mixed bag" is something of an understatement I reckon.

(still, at least I found out - the ever watchable - Judd Hirsch starred in the US remake of 'Dear John'. You never know when intel like that could come in useful, you just know that one day, it will)
Yeah, I really don't understand how there are so many first season shows on there when they're talking about classics. That's just silly.
I noticed the lack of 'Bonanza' as a classic role for Michael Landon, too. Also what about Judd Hirsch being on 'Numb3rs' for all six seasons? Since he wasn't the star, maybe that didn't count - which might also be the reason for skipping Michael Landon's Little Joe.

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