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July 15 2010

Charisma Carpenter interviewed on 'Psychosis', 'The Expendables', Wonder Woman and more. It's from her recent press tour to promote her new movie 'Psychosis'.

By gum, she's "loverley." It's weird who bumps into whom in "the biz." I grew up in a small town so I have a frame of reference.

Yet another film for my list!
I don't know if I liked the interviewer. It seemed that those "super smooth segways" weren't all that "smooth". Curious if the "silence" was due to her thinking "why are we talking about Buffy?".

I thought she was nice. Good to know that she's in The Expendables. Another reason to watch. :)
Watched the Psychosis trailer. British horror does look a bit different than American horror. Although I probably would watch this movie just for that last line in the trailer that Charisma deals out- pure awesome.
I want to watch Psychosis. The long silences were due to her not knowing who the interviewer was talking about.

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