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July 15 2010

Amber Benson added to San Diego Comic-Con. She's participating in a panel discussion on Thursday the 22nd, about the Power of Myth. Also taking part is Buffy/Angel novelist Tom Sniegoski, and the panel is moderated by Watcher's Guide co-author Maryelizabeth Hart.

Not really "added" per se. It's been on the schedule. She's also signing. It should be on my big master list of Whedon-related SDCC events over on the .org under Conventions.
Timothy Hutton, Chris Downey and John Rogers (Leverage) were added for Saturday, July 24.
Interesting panels this year. First, Joss and J.J. Abrams in the same panel about the future of pop culture, now Amber in The Power of Myth.

Why am I not there this year? :(
For those using the new Sched system, here is everything Whedon-related in that system. It duplicates most (but definitely not all) of the information in WHEDONesque-type Events at Comic-Con 2010, the previously mentioned .org thread.
I was going to suggest The Vampire Diaries which Andrew Chambliss writes for, but it seems he's not on that panel (or there at all). Damn!
Jaymii, He did ask Mo, on twitter if he could be first in line to get her autograph, so maybe he'll be there.
Thanks again, b!X for putting together the Whedon lists. Did a great job.

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