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July 16 2010

Titan Books interview with Firefly writer Jose Molina. Apparently this went up a couple of days ago but I don't see it in the archives. Talks about the series, his story for Still Flying, and some stuff he didn't get to do.

I love the idea of Kaylee pretending to be a companion. Maybe to save Inara?
I like the Kaylee as companion thing to. But the River Jayne gag story idea made me, well, gag. I did read a blurb somewhere once about the baby on the doorstep idea "Three men and a baby, Firefly-style" and I actually would have loved to see that, but I recall it being pretty dark so I wonder if the network would have gone for it.
This is some chunky funky stuff. I am agog and aghast and all a'twitter - and also jonesing (sadly) to see all-this-which-will-most-likely-never-be-seen. :( It's kinda like poking at a wound - but in the good way. ; >

Ohmygods, and River with Jayne. From one point of view, it's an awful sacrilege ("not all there in the brainpan, but then she don't have to be"; "... I'll show her, good an' all, I got man parts" and of course, the general and ever-revolting "That's why I never kiss 'em on the lips.")

That sensitive child with that... well, insensitive Viking.

But I can also see River being very scientific, and Jayne ending up very nonplussed, which would have been fun.

But yeah - punch him on the arm hard for that. ; >

I want to see all of this. Oh, friggety-heck.

ETF: my grammah

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Oddly enough, I am most disappointed that we will never get to see River trying to (presumably) take control of awakened hormones by studying the crew scientifically in their own relationships and then trying to study Jayne as the king of horn dogs.

I think it would have been truly hilarious and I think both Summer and Adam would have played the hell out of their mutual characters' vastly differnt positions on River's curiousity. And I like to think it comes from unbiased interest in a plotline full of potential rather than from any personal tastes in romantic shipping ;D
Heh, I dunno why the River and Jayne storyline would make anyone gag (didn't use a slash/ between them because nothing Molina said implied that they'd have slept together, just that River would've gone to him for info at the very least and then grossed him out with the suggestion of experience at the worst. But since it apparently wouldn't have happened, it just would've been hilariously awkward for Jayne). I'm not sure if River's condition, especially post-"Objects in Space" and on into the movie when she's seeming more and more whole/possibly more conventionally aware and able to consent by our standards, should preclude her from the freedom to have sex, even if only for the purely scientific observational value of it. It's not like she's a child or mentally challenged. There's probably a bit of an age gap if you're pairing her with Jayne for sex or whatever (isn't she 17 when the series begins/just after Simon's rescued her? I suppose Jayne's anywhere between mid-30s to 40s), but oh well, I think she could handle it (but could he?).

Fun idea about Saffron, but it also sounds like verging-on-wishful-thinking-fanfic. In a 'verse where there's probably no behavioural chip (plus Mutant Enemy already did that), I'm not sure I would've liked to have seen another bad-guy-gone-tame-ish arc. How would they have reined her in/kept her from double-crossing them ? After attempting to kill them in "Our Mrs. Reynolds", they should've never trusted her again. Mal took advantage of the situation in "Trash" 'cause he and the crew needed or wanted the cash, but even that was foolish.
I love how he says he was influenced by Alias with Ariel cause that episode has always reminded me of that show.
Can't Joss just get them all back together again for a companion-Kaylee one off? One episode can't take that much, right? Please?
That could have been some great episodes. Poor Jayne, he would have been al combobulated if River had come to him for sex-studies.
I could see Inara trying to train Kaylee enough to pass temporarily, much as Simon tried to train the ambulance crew. And Kaylee's frank enjoyment of sex preventing her from understanding what Inara would be trying to show her about what Companions do.

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