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July 16 2010

Video Interview with Charisma Carpenter looking back on Buffy. She talks about her Character on Buffy & Angel and why Buffy was as great as it was.

Also, another Video interview can be found on this page about "Psychosis" & "The Expendables".

Wow, she refers to Cordy as a "superficial clothes whore."

Plus, does this woman ever actually age?
LOVE her. . .
She still looks so gorgeous! Anyone have any idea if the movie she's promoting is any good?
She's absolutely wonderful.
HaHaHaHa .... HAH! I also fixated on "superficial clothes whore". Well, she was. But that wasn't all there was to Cordelia. I was very distracted by that gigantic Psychos movie poster on the wall during the whole thing. Geez, they had to do the interview right there?
I guess the interview is only happening because of the new movie, so it seems reasonable to have the poster in view.
I was lucky enough to win one of the contests linked to on here a few weeks ago to get tickets to the premiere of the movie in London. I went last Tuesday and Ms Carpenter was so lovely and happy to pose for pictures and chat afterwards, not just about Buffy and Angel but Veronica Mars too.

The movie itself was alright, pretty standard horror schlock with a twist signposted halfway through. The male lead reminded me of a wooden Paul Ballard. Wasn't bored, though.

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