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July 16 2010

(SPOILER) Futon Critic's early review of Tim Minear's new show, Terriers. The comedy/drama series about Private Investigators premieres in September on FX.

Tim Minear is working on Terriers? What ever happened to the Alien Nation remake?
Did I miss something? What is he doing on Terries? I'll definately be there with bell's on.
Another interesting tidbit: remember Kelly Wheeler, production assistant on Firefly, video blogger for the original FOX site for the show, and star of the Blue Sun cola ad in "Ariel"? She's got a co-written (I think) script on Terriers.
Oh, I forgot he was doing this. Awwwesome. Has Tim been on a bad show yet?
Yay for more Tim. He's doing this in between his free talks explaining episodes of Dollhouse, right? ;)

And double yay for Wheeler. I do remember her from Firefly and the original FOX site. She was always friendly. Really nice thing to hear.
I think he's show running Terriers? Although I'm open to correction.

Not sure what happened to Alien Nation. Was looking forward to that.
I saw this one. Looking forward to more of it.
I knew Shawn Ryan was involved, but it's news to me that Tim is, too.
Ah, so old news I forgot, then.
...starring Donal Logue (The Tao of Steve, Damages)...

And "Life" you frikkin' ... frikkers ! [/totally irrational anger]

Shawn Ryan, Tim Minear, good cast. Checking it out fer sure.
I love Shawn Ryan, even though I haven't gotten around to watching The Shield yet, he's a good man in my books. I'll definitely be tuning in, and that review has made me even more eager.
Hey, if Tim's behind it, I'm most certainly giving it a watch.
Here's what Shawn Ryan said about Terriers on twitter.

He's very... direct. ; > I was already going to give it a try, naturally, but this sounds like... well, if not fun exactly, certainly sorta grimly thrilling or thrillingly grim.
So once upon a time in Angel season 2, Shawn Ryan was working on Tim Minear's show, right?
I don't think anybody would consider Angel Season 2 as "Tim Minear's show". I guess they were both young, up-and-coming writer's working under Greenwalt, although Minear had a one year head-start back then (he was was supervising producer in S2, Ryan producer).
Tim wrote, what, a third of season two? I think he made it his show then.
Writing credits alone don't make you the show runner. Tim had 7 writing credits in S2, Shawn Ryan 5, not that big a diff. Marti Noxon wrote or co-wrote 6 episodes in Buffy S2 as a rookie, and I don't think anybody would say it was her show back then. That happened full three years later.
Oh, I didn't mean he was actually the show runner. I just mean I consider Angel season 2 to be Tim's show: all the eps he wrote of them are great to amazing work.
Plus, I feel like Joss has said elsewhere that the Angel-goes-grey arc was largely Tim's genius. But I could be misremembering. I'll try to find the quote.
This sounds wonderful. Even wonderfal. A little like Wonderfalls, but with the main character split into two dudes.
Pointy, it's nothing like Wonderfalls. It's quirky but not quirky whimsical. There is no fantasy or magical aspect to this show. It doesn't need that. The two leads are very likable in a "I know guys just like this" kinda way. It is definitely more of a straight private investigator procedural. Two dudes trying to get by without really playing by the rules. No talking cow creamers. Not at all that show. I did get a more gritty "Life" vibe from more than just Donal though, Saje. That should please quite a few.
I loved Donal Logue in Life, well except for the greasy lanky icky hair he had at first, so I sincerely hope he's kept on with the shampoo and haircut in Terriers. ;)
Wasn't Tim Minear the showrunner in S2? If he wasn't then whoops, my bad.
Tim Minear was never the showrunner on Angel. David Greenwalt was for the first three seasons, and Jeffrey Bell was for the last two. Firefly was Tim's first showrunner gig.
Here's the latest on Tim's 20th deal (which includes showrunning Terriers and developing Alien Nation).
Too bad it wasn't called beagles. I'm just saying.
Saje said:

Shawn Ryan, Tim Minear, good cast. Checking it out fer sure.

Don't forget Ted Griffin (Best Laid Plans, Ocean's Eleven, Matchstick Men), Adam Arkin (Chicago Hope, Life, Justified) and Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan, Footloose).
I did get a more gritty "Life" vibe from more than just Donal though, Saje.

Sounding better and better, ta TamaraC (and possibly relatedly, Adam Arkin as kungfubear mentions above. Hmm, a grittier Ted ?).

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