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July 16 2010

Serenity & Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings today in Seattle, WA. And there will be live music by Vixy & Tony and Marian Call.

This year CSTS Seattle proceeds will be distributed as follows: Equality Now (75%), Seattle Browncoats Charities (15%), Northwest Harvest (5% plus food donations), and Museum of History and Industry (5%).

For other events, please see CSTS 2010 event listings

I'll be there! :) Let's party.
Toronto came so close to having Marion Call at our screening. She was performing near by. Have fun Seattle. I look forward to hearing how it went.
Such a great t-shirt posted by @donbcivil on twitter: Seattle T, probably the best CSTS shirt I've seen in a while.

(I love the global design this year, but I have to admit I think the execution was less than optimal; they should have reduced the size of the design on the shirt with the base of that triangle being so wide.)
Oh my! It was a shiny time to be a Browncoat!
Loved the t-shirt design this year and there were enough folks who wanted one after the tote bags and t-shirts sold out, that a second printing will be done. If you want one, let 'em know what size you wear.

Having Marian Call and Vixy & Tony all together on one stage was as close to filk perfection as I've heard in quite some time! Dr. Horrible was awesome as always and the movie never gets old no matter how many times I see it. :D

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