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July 17 2010

Christian Kane Shows his Musical Side on "Leverage". The actor talks Eliot, music and why Sunday night's episode (9/8c on TNT) is close to his heart.

Yay! I love this show and I'm so happy that's a new episode tonight. Especially that it's going to focus on Eliot.
Finally have a better idea of when "House Rules" will be released to radio: 1st week of September! Also excited to be able to get the song from Leverage on Itunes this evening.
Thisclose to finding out which radio stations will be playing Kane's songs. Are they country stations, rock stations, pop stations? If Kane comes to Atlanta, I do believe the hubby and I will have to catch the show.

17 minutes til tonight's episode!
Oh wow, I just listened to Christian's song and it was beautiful. I can't believe that he hasn't become a headliner for singing, I can't believe he isn't on my radio! Of course I know he loves acting, and 'Leverage' is an awesome show!
Loved this ep, especially for more Christian Kane than usual. I'm loving Leverage again in general, it just wasn't the same last season, without Gina Bellman.

When you have a perfect ensemble, out the gate, it just isn't the same when you mess with it (I'm looking at you, Torchwood). :_)

(And yes, I realize that Gina Bellam was pregnant).

ETA: Added attraction, Jonathon Frankes directing. His directing credits are growing like crazy, which makes me very happy. He is IMO possibly the most talented director working regularly on TV series' right now.

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Just downloaded the new song. May be my favorite yet. I love that CK writes most of his songs.
Haven't watched the ep yet, must wait till tomorrow when it'll be on Amazon.

tjbw- His music is most likely going to be released to country stations. He has a little too much southern flair for rock stations and a little too much soul for pop stations.
I think Leverage did a really good job without Gina, Shey. Jeri Ryan worked out beautifully. She wasn't Sophie but her character was pretty interesting. I'm hoping she gets to return some time.

Plus, you just gotta admire the way the writers dealt with Gina's pregnancy. It was classy.

Unlike some other writers that shall remain unnamed.


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