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December 01 2003

The Firefly Episode Guide, Part One. Messieurs Whedon and Minear talk about the making of each episode with CFQ and so much more. The movie, the vindication of the Firefly DVD, Fox, the fans, the whole shebang. Part two now available.


But glad to hear Tim's having good experiences with Wonderfalls. Anyone know when the interviews were actually done?
Not sure of the exact date, but Tim makes a joke about the Reagans and CBS, so I'm guessing the interview was in the past month or so?
Oh, I feel an anxiety attack coming on. I thought the movie was a done deal and that's what I've been waiting for and that was the only thing that made my grieving over the show being cancelled lessen up a bit but now, to find out it's not a done deal yet is just too much to cope with!! I loved this show! I felt it had the potential to be better than Buffy and that is a tremendous thing for me to say because Buffy has been my obsession since it started, and it still is even though it's over. But Firefly was so special and so different I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. Buffy became more grownup but Firefly was grownup from the first moment I saw it. And Buffy had a beginning, middle and end and Firefly was never given the chance. I can't say it would've replaced Buffy in my heart but I think it would've been right up there with Angel right behind!!

I can only pray that if there isn't a movie, maybe they will write us a book so we can at least know what happened!! I wish there would be a book no matter what!!
Always remember: no movie's ever a done deal till it's at the multiplex.

I too will be wounded if the Flickerfly does not come to be, but let us be prepared for that very real possibility.
Thanks for the pointer, Simon! Judging after the first part, this will be a classic Whedon (and Minear) document.
According to Sean Jordan CFQ Sr. Editor:

"I wanted to let you all know that the interview with Joss was done in late October, while the interview with Tim did not happen until this past Saturday, November 29th."

You can find his post in full at this thread.

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