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July 18 2010

An Evening with Joss Whedon at the Sydney Opera House confirmed. The event will take place on Sunday 29th August in the Concert Hall. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday 23 July at 9am.

An Evening with Joss Whedon in the Concert Hall on Sunday August 29 introduces one of the world’s best-loved screenwriters; a writer across film, TV and the web, a director and enduring pop culture fan.

In this exclusive Sydney appearance, cult screenwriter and auteur Joss Whedon will talk about his on-going love affair with popular culture and his inimitable storytelling style.

On a personal note, I'm ecstatic! I might actually get to meet the purple boss in the flesh :)

Whoo-hoo! Have fun!
I can already imagine all the questions about why he used the line "give her the keys to a shiny new Australia" in Dr H.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why is He coming to Australia while I'm in Japan!? WHYYYYY!? I'm only going for two weeks, my first vacation in years and THAT's when he decides to come to Australia!? Someone please ask him to come back to Australia on my behalf! Our Supanovas are adorable, lovely conventions! I know the guy who runs them. He'd be more than pleased to have Joss Whedon! Come back for one of them!

Fate is so cruel.
So, Melbourne on August 27, Sydney on August 29. At least he isn't going to Australia and not making any appearances at all for people.
The One True b!X,

Now that would be cruel...or maybe just a vacation.
I would freakin' love to go to this. Probably won't be able to, but there's much pondering to be had. :D
This is double rainbow.

In fact, it's more than that, it's double rainbow all the way.
Day-um, I'm already flying down to Melbourne for his keynote address at the Writer's Festival.
But I've not booked my flight yet, is it more than a tad obsessive to, you know, go to both?
... Maybe I can start my holiday a few days earlier.
Dear Sydney - I hate you too.

LoL. Why does all the cool stuff happen around the same time "Important University Stuff" is also happening... stuff that I can't get out of?

That being said, I hope everyone who goes to Melbourne, Sydney or both, have an amazingly awesome time. Lucky ducks!
So jealous of the Ozzies right now! Have fun.
DRATW! That is, if I get to go. I really want to, and can afford it, and am completely available that day, so... it'll only depend on how fast tickets are sold. Why must I be working at 9am this Friday? :(

*puts more money in debit card*
Dear Aussie guys .... lots of reports, please. :_)
It looks like this might have a pre-sale as well, so Sydney-siders should definitely join the mailing list before midnight Wednesday. Good luck!
ARGH. Wonderful for the Aussies who are actually IN Australia. I'm overseas and won't be back till after the event. SO FRUSTRATING. Please come back again Joss!!! I just can't believe I'm going to miss this!
Hey, if he's doing the MWF and then Sydney... maybe there's a chance he'll be at the Brisbane Writers Festival as well? They're not announcing guests until July 24th, but the Festival is running the weekend after the Melbourne one. In which case I'll be running off my red eye, may stop off for a shower, and then heading straight for the festival. Oh Purpley PTB, please be visiting the BWF as well~
OMG. MP, that is awesome! I didn't even *think* of that! Going to keep my fingers crossed because THAT would be AWESOME.

So does anyone have any experience with the Opera House's priority ticket sale system? I registered. I'm logged in. Should I expect something to happen? When does the priority on-sale period start?
@merceroz, I called them earlier tonight and the priority bookings should be open on Thursday. I think SOHnews mentioned via Twitter that an email would be sent to those who had registered some time soon.
I'm happy to be in the position of being the jealous one, this time. Super excited for the denizens of Australia and will you please report back either here or at W dot org?

The only thing that will get me inches away from Joss at this point, will be if he allows another dinner with him to be auctioned off in conjunction with Comic-Con, and then, only if I have won Lotto or an unknown, at this point in time, famous duke, duchess, or maharani relative croaks and leaves me a big pile of cash. And this might happen after I'm struck by lightning or find the elusive four-leaf clover, the one not in a box of Lucky Charms. I'm being silly but even so, I still have small grains of hope I can put my hand in his in warm greeting, that doesn't occur after I waited in line for 2 hours at some event. I just can't and don't want to meet people that way.

So Australia, enjoy enjoy enjoy.
Argh! So jealous of all Syd and Melb peeps right now. I come halfway across the world and Joss is going to Oz. Can't believe last time he was in the country I missed the chance to see him too. Hope he gets a bit of vacation time this time. Have a fantastic time in the presence of the purple greatness all you lucky people in the lucky country!
MP Sadly, no sign of him at BWF. However the BWF is actually clashing with AussieCon4 - which is WorldCon (aka where the Hugos etc happen). Being in Melb & Sydney the week before WorldCon starts??? Oh & WorldCon is in Melbourne (I'm going down only for the weekend dammit, due to the academic year timing of the event).

Trying to work out if I can fit an extra trip south (Opera House) a week before heading to Melb for AussieCon4.
An extra session has been put on for this by the looks of it. Have tickets to an afternoon session. I don't care. Opportunity to listen to the person who started my own writing life is amazing. Achievable to fly to Sydney than traverse the big pond.

Will need the time after to come down from on high to attempt sleep (then I head to WorldCon the following weekend).

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