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July 18 2010

The cultural diary of Jane Espenson. A week in the life.

Its always fun to hear about Jane, even in such a spartan way.
Buggers, though - we missed her birthday here on Whedonesque, didn't we? I checked & I didn't see a thread.

*hangs head*

We suck.

; >

Happy Belated EspseBirthday.
Yes, Happy Belated, Jane!
Happy uh, Birth month, Jane!
Belated birthday greetings, Jane!

I guess the book she mentions she's editing refers to her Dollhouse anthology, which appears to be coming out within days of the season 2 DVDs. I must have missed the fact that it was available for pre-order.
Aaaahhh .... Dollhouse anthology, thank you palehorse, can't wait for this.

".... has written an episode for HBO's upcoming Game of Thorns", another "can't wait for this".
An Dollhouse anthology!? And pre-order. How could I have missed this? I must be a bad fan... *sigh*

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