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July 19 2010

Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic trailer. Available free on iTunes (or will be once the sound problems are fixed). Episode one should be out sometime today.

Sometime today?! Agh!!! Must. Have. Immediately.
Is... is that a dude?
Wow, that's not what I expected it all. It's very different animation to the Xmen motion comics. I hope the voices don't ruin it!

Will this be available to everyone today or just US residents?
I really hope that is not the person who narratates the entire thing. Why wouldn't you hire woman? The entire series is centered around a woman and there's really only 3/4 guys in season 8. Bad decision IMHO
That might be pretty cool if could get past the voices.
Clearly, they made no attempt to come close to SMG's voice (as they did with a previous animated attempt).

I don't know...
Oh dear, for various reasons I can't view this. I hope someone uploads this to youtube or something.
I think (hope?) that there's an error in the video playback, the audio seems distorted and slow. Maybe, when sped up Buffy sounds a little less manly.
This looks delightful. I want one for Fray. And Tales of the Vampires/Slayers.

To be honest every comic should be a motion comic because it's less effort for me.
I just watched the trailer and I must admit I'm intrigued. I just hope the voice acting doesn't ruin everything...

I wonder what Joss thinks about this motion comic business?
Anxiously awaiting the first episode...
Would someone be so kind to upload it to YouTube please? I can't watch it because my "account is only valid for purchases in the UK iTunes Store". Stupid geoblocking!
Yeah, that's pretty much what I was getting. Useless. :(
Do we have any idea how many episodes of this there are going to be? How much of the comics will it cover? I was exploring the tags trying to find the answers, but haven't come up with much. I've already bought my season pass, but am wondering exactly what is showing up in my iTunes.
From what I've heard so far they've done up until Issue #19. I think they'll do the whole season.

Does anyone know if you can create an American Itunes account without them realising you aren't from the US? I was able to watch the trailer because I wasn't signed in to my Aus account and was thinking I might be able to trick it so I can buy them too...
It's funny. We now have a system where people want to trick the system so they can honestly buy a product they are prevented from buying, because... well, we really don't know why they don't want everybody's money.

Anyway, it was an interesting trailer. The voices were kinda strange, though. I think I'll stick with paper and avoid the DRM. I can let my friends borrow my comic books, encouraging them to buy their own copies. Not so much with electronic comics with DRM.
You can* create a US account from Europe (or anywhere else, I suppose) if you enter a valid US address. But I'm pretty sure you still need to connect it to a US credit card if you want to use it to actually buy anything.

* Meaning it's technically possible. Don't ask me if it's legal.

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Bugger. I don't have a US credit card so even if I could somehow find a valid US address it'd be a waste of time. I guess it'll be Youtube for me then and if that fails then hopefully the trusty torrents...
Hint: if you watched a certain popular early 90s US TV series that's recently been remade then you have an inkling as to a valid US address ;). The way around the credit card aspect - which a "friend" used BTW - is to buy iTunes vouchers on (for example) eBay (they sell them at the dollar price plus a small-ish markup so that e.g. $15 of iTunes purchases might cost you $18-20). My "friend" bought most episodes of 'Dollhouse' as they appeared on iTunes US with this method since he figured it was the only way he could directly influence renewal.

You do have to be a bit careful though, some of the eBay voucher sellers are rip-off merchants and it's, if not illegal, at least against Apple's T&Cs (and this is from last year so it could be Apple have taken steps to close that avenue). Lot of hoops to jump through though, up to the individual if they think it's worth it (to me, it's not for the motion comic).
A Brit was here in great white north & he could access/buy from his UK iTunes account.
So maybe? you can sign up for the US store using a friends/relatives USA (or CA) address and have them send you iTunes gift cards. will it work?
Well I'd like to see it and buy the episodes but I really don't want to put iTunes on my pc or mess around with ebay vouchers and the like as I'm in blighty.

Here's hoping we can catch a glimpse on Youtube or similar...
So maybe? you can sign up for the US store using a friends/relatives USA (or CA) address and have them send you iTunes gift cards. will it work?

Sure, that's an easier version of getting them off eBay. But they don't need to send you the gift card, just the voucher number is enough. The expat in Canada (?) may have been using his iTunes UK account with a UK credit card hence no problem (AFAIK there's no actual geo-locking in that they don't check IPs. Certainly didn't in my "friend"'s case cos he lives in the UK. Y'know, like me ;). Either that or you can arrange it separately (e.g. over the phone). Or maybe iTunes UK is just less strict ?

If you know someone in the US who's willing to help you out then it becomes a fairly trivial problem (they buy the voucher using their - US - credit card on an account you both have the details for then send you the voucher number, you then PayPal - or whatever - the money to them. Job done).
Buffy sounds like a drag queen. I think I'd rather just read the comics and "hear" SMG's voice in my head.
I am from the UK and I have a US account, I can't buy anything from it but I can download the free goods ;)

Back on topic, WHAT-THE-HECK is with Buffy's voice? It's clearly a man, I hope that isn't the actual voice of the person that plays her in the real thing, or it may drive me to stop watching.
I couldn't hear any voices in that trailer aside from [I think Giles saying] "This is a war" at the end. Once I press play, there's a delay and then demons are attacking Buffy/she's fighting with them in mid-air. I've tried to play it a couple times. Is my player skipping over a whole bunch of talking at the beginning ? Because I'd really like to hear the voices. That's kinda make-or-break.

Did they release the cast list for this ? Not a single original actor was tempted back to voice their character ? I can understand why, but I wonder if original actor involvement might've translated into big enough sales to justify their fees. Did they at least get Giselle Loren to play Buffy ? She sounded great in the Buffy: The Animated Series pitch reel.

From what little I've now seen, it looks like they did a good-to-great job with the inherent awkwardness of animating something which wasn't intended/designed to be. Maybe Georges' dynamic, less-intended-to-look-realistic art lends itself better than John Cassaday's, 'cause this looks a heck of a lot less stiff and strange than what was in the very offputting Astonishing X-Men motion comic trailer.

Way to spoil Buffy sleeping with Satsu and the hilarity/hotness (or both at the same time, mileage varies) of the Angel/Buffy/Spike dream bit, people at 20th Fox or iTunes or whoever designed this (it's been repeated by Scott Allie that Dark Horse wasn't involved in these). Although I suppose anyone who would bother to pause (if you even can) or screencap and pour over it looking for details is the kind of person who's already spoiled themselves.

[ edited by Kris on 2010-07-19 15:30 ]
Kris, the line "I think these boys were looking for a fight" about 40 secs in is supposed to be Buffy. Drag queen is an accurate description. (I'm one who didn't like Giselle Loren's voice, at all, but compared to this . . . ). The "this is [a] war" at the end is supposed to be Twilight, I think.
Am I the only one who thinks this is utterly horrific? The concept of motion comics itself is at fault here, I think. This was created as static material, and taking this and making it into this weird concoction is akin to taking a series of stills from the show and making it a "comic".
The sound is wrong. It's playing too slow or something. That isn't what Buffy sounds like.
Either Fox or Apple have goofed the audio transcoding - the rate is wrong. This needs to be pulled or fixed to avoid everybody laughing.
I can't hear Buffy say "I think these boys were looking for a fight" either. Like Kris I get the trailer stuck on Buffy fighting some demons at the start and I think I miss a bit?
Season 8 was such a dream come true. Then the art started to get lazy and it was difficult to tell characters apart and things began make me feel dreary. I always believed that one day Season 8 would be animated and the voice actors of the show would perform and all would be well in the world.

This motion comic comes close to making that dream manifest...but then Buffy is being voiced by what sounds like the typical comedy movie transexual and I am having flashbacks to the Watchmen motion comic (something I found painfully unwatchable, first and foremost due to the terrible voice acting).

Please, someone tell me that this won't be Buffy's voice for the motion comic and if it is, what can we do to change it?...I know comic-con is this week....maybe someone can ask Scott Allie or whoever is in charge of this beast to get this thing right and give the fans the satisfaction they hunger for.
Can someone upload this on Youtube, please?
I just recorded the trailer in Audacity and then made the pitch higher and it sounds fine now :)
I think the problem some people have is that they're not actually downloading the trailer. When you click the play icon next to the trailer title, that just plays a 30-second preview... of the preview. In order to see the whole thing, you need to download the trailer.
I wouldn't advise ripping it to Youtube with the sound wrong; Fox won't be happy.

Also, not to rag on Fox again for publicity but come on. If they struggle with sales for this I can tell you why - the launch sucks.
I think the problem some people have is that they're not actually downloading the trailer. When you click the play icon next to the trailer title, that just plays a 30-second preview... of the preview. In order to see the whole thing, you need to download the trailer.

Ah, that explains it. If you don't live in the US are you able to download this because it's free? Or not even then?
The trailer is available on iTunes Canada for my fellow Canucks out there. Search "Buffy Season 8", as "Buffy motion comic" turns up no results.
If you don't live in the US are you able to download this because it's free? Or not even then?

I live in the UK but I can't download it. I can see the preview of the trailer though which I thought was quite impressive. Still want to hear the voices though.
Yeah I just tried then and no luck. Like you I can see the preview of the trailer but not the whole thing. Bugger.
So is the sound officially wrong? Because in addition to Buffy's weird-ass voice, I thought the theme song sounded weird as well.
My understanding is the sound is wrong. I can't check because I can't download it in the UK.
Just downloaded it. I think the motion animation is actually really cool looking. I know a lot of people said how it'd be better with full animation, but I like the continuity with Season 8. Also, this is not the same motion comic style like for X-Men. There's really interesting effects that amplify the sense of movement and make the characters come alive more.

That being said, the voice actress for Buffy is AWFUL. And yes, the theme song sounds slow. And in general this sounds horrible.

Yeesh. I wouldn't mind watching the story this way, and some of the sound effects are cool like when Giles pulls out a dagger in NFFY, but the voice acting sounds unnatural on top of not sounding anything like the characters. There's not enough zip or irony to how the lines are delivered--the rhythm is all off.
to view the trailer just click the little play button. i live in Australia and was able to view it. you don't need to sign into itunes.

I thought so too but apparently we only get to see 30 seconds of the trailer and are missing out on the whole thing :(
My understanding is the sound is wrong.

I've come up with a workaround. Play your Buffy DVDs on slow and then you won't notice the difference.
The entire trailer is 1 minute 17 seconds long. It starts with images from Chosen, ending with the shot of the Hellmouth, which then transfers to the Season 8 image of the Hellmouth, making the transition from film to comics art. That effect was actually pretty cool morphing.

The pitch with the voice is what's really bad, though. Hopefully they'll fix it. And yeah, it's supposed to be Buffy that's saying "This is war" and not Giles. If ya think it sounds like Giles... that's because Buffy sounds really bad in this. I cringed when she started talking and I'm pretty sure my face looked horrified.

ETA: I don't think it's that the sound is slow. It's the pitch that's wrong. When I was watching the trailer, the voiceover matched the action. And all the sound effects matched the action. The timing is spot-on. It's the most awful pitch that's making it sound like crap. And yeah, Buffy sounds like a man trying to talk like a woman.

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Maybe the sound will be better for the actual episodes.
Damn, that sounds really cool. I hope someone uploads the whole trailer onto Youtube as a lot of non-US fans would love to see it :(

I still don't even get why they didn't just show you the whole trailer in the preview. It's a free trailer for crying out loud, why do they even care? *pouts*
As far as I know the actual episodes are US only, too. Prepare for mass piracy instead of sales.
^^ Gossi, they'll probably be available in Canada as well, since the trailer is up and running.
Good point, well made.
quantumac: well, we really don't know why they don't want everybody's money.

Unfortunately, these things all come down to distribution rights and these days contracts haven't changed enough since the pre-web days.

I wonder if motion comics will die down or become more popular as e-readers and tablet computers become more popular. Because since the iPad came out, the big focus seems to be on just translating comics for the iPad without any additional motion or sounds.
I just created an iTunes account on iTunes Canada. Oh noes, Apple finally has me !

So now that I've seen the whole trailer...okay, yes, motion comics are not as good as actual comics. At least from the ones I've seen so far (an entire Hellboy story--actually that one was pretty cool, the Wolves Of Saint Augustine one, which really only used sound effects/animals noises, lighting, and very slight movement, no voice acting--the trailer for Buffy and Astonishing X-Men). Either a comic or full production animation, please. But it doesn't hurt anything that this interpretation/adaptation of Season 8 exists. It's a potentially fun, bonus distraction. At the very least, I'm gonna check it out for three reasons: the visuals, to compare & contrast with my original reading experience, and to see how the various voice actors do (once the sound issues have been worked out).

The motion comics, for those open to trying them, could allow for renewed Season 8 discussions while we're waiting for the final arc in print form. Will also be interesting to see how pacing works out when it's set for you (I remember a lotta folks saying they get through the comic in 5 to 10 minutes).

Heh, the slowed-down/bad-pitch-effected voices are hilariously off, not horrifying. It's too bad that this is the first impression the internet gets of Season 8 in this form (or for a lot of people, at all).
Has anyone tried viewing the SD version to see if the sound is ok?
People are alerted to the sound issue and it is getting fixed. Oy! Trying to find out international iTunes availability for UK and Australia.

I watched several "issues" of the motion comic a few weeks ago and think you all are going to like it a lot.
Oh, look. It's SDCC week and TC is Fox's unofficial "oops!" liaison to fandom again.
Tamara, who do we write to at 20th Century Fox with polite and well-worded letters of praise, commending one of their employees for further endearing their company to the fans and often going above and beyond to smooth things out and keep us happy ? (I'd do it, but I'm half-kidding because I don't know if that could backfire, wouldn't want to embarrass. Or get you in trouble if you're not supposed to be discussing business matters on fansites).

Matt, so far the focus is on releasing the majority of comics as-is because that's way more cost-effective than paying folks to animate and voice them. Before the internet, Marvel/DC and any other company didn't stand to make more money off the old individual issues that were already out there (unless they reprinted them or collected them into trades, which still could cost them money), only comic shops and collectors/convention vendors did. The pay-for-downloadable-comics model costs them way less than reprinting a physical copy. It's a little like how Nintendo and Sony and all are re-releasing old games on their current generation video game consoles. Before, I would've searched for old copies of these games used if I wanted to play them, just like old comics (or i would've downloaded, if I couldn't find a physical copy--there was no harm being done because if you can't find the merchandise to buy in the first place, no one's losing out and piracy arguably didn't hurt anyone). Now they've given buyers more options (search for the original physical copy to buy, or pay for download), tried to tempt some of the would-be piraters to pay (and made it more conflicting for those of us who initially would've downloaded guilt-free when given no other options/product unavailable).

Here's a big question. I know it's technically stealing, but if one already bought the print copy of the comic, had no intention of ever buying the motion comic but wanted to check it out anyway and does so by pirating...I dunno, it's a little messed up. If I pay for an episode or a season pass of this and it absolutely sucks to the point of being unwatchable(which so far isn't my impression--it's looking better than I thought it would), I'm guessing iTunes isn't gonna give me a refund if I complain, are they ? But if I hate a movie and I've bought the DVD, I can usually, with most stores (and within a certain time limit--usually 7 to 14 days, unfortunately), take it back for store credit/exchange toward another purchase (yep, just like when they're defective. Or you can just say it was defective, they don't have to know that suckage--subjective as it is--also equates with defective in your head). And then getting further away from the subject, if I get home with my groceries and the yogurt has mold growing on it even though it's still weeks away from its expiry date, I can take it back no questions asked, along with a multitude of other non-entertainment-based products (vehicles, gadgets that don't work, etc). This sorta ties into the discussion we were having about download vs. disc form (and the current pitfalls) in the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD/blu thread--when it's just a digital file, and you've bought it, they have you. They have your cash and there's no exchanging. Maybe if you complained heavily enough you'd get some sorta credit (has anyone ever tried, when it was simply a matter of not liking what you bought from iTunes/NetFlix/other download service?), but it sounds like more hassle than when dealing with store clerks/managers face to face.

Entertainment's such a gamble. You potentially get more out of it than playing the lottery (unless you're one of the lucky few to win big, that is, or just really enjoy the thrill of losing money/playing games of chance for cash), but it's still a cash and time risk (except when borrowing from friends/family/library, then it's just a risk of your time, which, too bad).

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Does anyone know the release schedule for this? I seem to recall them saying the DVD with the first 19 episodes would be out in September? Is that right? And how often are the individual episodes gonna be added to iTunes, weekly?

Since this post doesn't have enough questions, feel free to request more.
Thanks, Kris. I try, but fall short in actually being helpful sometimes. I should probably post less here than I do, but I hate to see assumptions jumped to and picnicking.

Jobo, I think weekly is the plan for iTunes and I think the DVD will be out toward the very end of the year. Subject to change of course. Take my 3rd hand knowledge with a grain of salt.
Heh, the slowed-down/bad-pitch-effected voices are hilariously off, not horrifying.

I literally cringed, Kris. Don't know how else to describe it. How about horribly bad? My involuntary reaction was horror at the sound (eyes wide, cringe, jerk back from laptop), pleasure at the visuals. Like you say, it's a nice bonus diversion (once the sound is fixed).

Maybe I'd find it hilariously bad if my initial thought wasn't that it was a mistake, but that it was just a poorly done motion comics? The danger of low expectations is that when something is bad, you initially think it's supposed to be that way and not that it's a mistake.

Hey, it could be a good thing the release is only in the US and Canada--less people have to hear the audio flub.
Emmie, I agree...the visuals were better than expected, but Buffy's voice really upset me.
A whole bunch of underpants seem to be all kinds of ruffled. Isn't this just the trailer, and isn't it just an audio mistake?
Yes, patxshand. It's a free trailer and the audio is completely a mistake that is getting fixed. The voices won't sound anything like that in the for sale versions. I can understand why someone would find it funny or embarrassing, but I have no idea why it would upset someone.
Because it's awful, TamaraC, and when it was released there was no indication that it was a mistake.
Just out of curiosity, are there any plans for distribution outside the US/UK/Oz?
Riker, people were just alerted to the problem this morning. Pacific time. Magic wands were not immediately put to use. It is being corrected.

I really don't know much about the iTunes distribution, beergood. Sorry.
Because it's awful, TamaraC, and when it was released there was no indication that it was a mistake.

Probably because if they'd known there was a mistake, it wouldn't have been released, yeah?
Yeah, you'd think the headline was "Crazed Twilight Fan Smacks Joss Whedon" from some of the reactions.
Is there a YouTube version? The link is not available in the US store.

Kelly Albanese, Natalie Lander, Daniel Taylor

(revealed in Entertainment Weekly)
Why are you guys ganging up on me? The voice we all heard this morning was awful and upsetting since this was our first glimpse at the series. Sure it was a mistake, but that doesn't invalidate my reaction.
@scareroe, go to the itunes store through your itunes on your computer. You'll find it.
I don't think anyone is ganging up on anyone. It was more a few people saying "chill, it's a mistake" to the mass "GASP!" reaction.
I think they recognized the pitch fault as the trailer has now been taken down from iTunes.
Been to a couple of boards. Reaction is the same everywhere. Good visuals, bad voice! Curious to see how the voices really sound. I'm hesitant to buy a season pass before hearing the voices.
So is this gonna delay the actual episode release?
No longer available right after I finish installing iTunes. Le sigh, someone please upload this to youtube, awful pitch and all.
Riker, I, at least, don't at all fault the "well that just sound awful" reaction, one that you'll note is shared by everyone here. I was just nitpickingly pointing out that the idea of getting rankled that it wasn't released with a note saying "this is a mistake" is kind of silly, because if they'd noticed the mistake, it simply wouldn't have been released.
I'm getting an error message from iTunes saying that it isn't available in the US store. Anyone else having this issue?
Connor Angel Chase, they probably took it down so that they could fix the audio problems. Hopefully someone will let me know when it is fixed and then I'll let you all know.
Voice cast: Kelly Albanese, Natalie Lander, Daniel Taylor

Do we assume that the cast is only three people doing all the voices alternately, or that those three are the main ones but others fill in with minor parts?
Doubt they can afford to have 50 something people voicing characters. Its common to have voice actors doing multiple parts. If they're good then no one will notice much.
I remember the voice casting notices awhile back had quite a few different parts listed. Don't know in this particular situation, but EW usually just lists the top 2-4 actors in their synopses.
This facebook page also mentions a few other names, not sure if they're still involved or not though as it was from last year.
There're probably more than 3 voice actors, yep, but they'll almost definitely double up as well, even with fully animated series more than 8-10 voice actors is reasonably unusual and even big names like Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill will often do a couple of minor additional voices (with motion comics more than about 8 actors would be fairly unheard of I think and it's not that unusual to have one or two actors voice every character which on e.g. the 'Watchmen' motion comic meant a man voicing several female characters, to very off-putting effect initially).
Will anyone post the trailer on youtube so everyone can view it? as i'm from the UK and can't seem to get it and would love to be able to watch it as would anyone else who cant get it.
Are we allowed to post it on youtube or is it against their rules? If not I'll have it up in a heart beat, just made myself a brand new account and all for such an occasion(well not so much, but did make a new account nonetheless). Let me know!

Okay i'm throwing caution to the wind, should be up in 20 mins. I'll add the link when it's done!

[ edited by BlueSkies on 2010-07-19 23:35 ]
I'm also getting a "not available in the US" message.
I would personally appreciate it if no one uploaded the video to Youtube with the incorrect sound. Don't care what happens to it once the sound is corrected. Thanks.

The new corrected version is being loaded to iTunes now. I don't know when it will be ready, but it should be soon.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2010-07-20 00:24 ]
Okay, phew, good timing it was 99% in. I'll wait, hope these guys can too!
These are super cool but would be so much better with the actors voicing them. Especially as in SMG for Buffy. Oh heck, I can't stop there, it needs ALL the actors voicing their characters.
Maybe a really rich fan can, over the years, follow Buffyverse actor-guests around at conventions and, much in the same way that they're paid for their autographs and/or a photo, you could get them into a recording booth at the convention to do their lines. Then, once all actors are covered, hire cheap but professional voice actors to fill in the rest of the not-seen-on-TV/new character parts, cobble it all together like they usually do for animated projects (rare to have all the voice actors in one room for episode recording sessions), and there's your closest-to-the-live-action-experience-as-possible version of motion comic Season 8.

Someone obsessive enough would do it if they could.

[ edited by Kris on 2010-07-20 00:43 ]
yikes something changed i It's not available in Canada now
Since its past business hours on the west coast I guess the first issue won't be up til tomorrow, no?

[ edited by eddy on 2010-07-20 02:02 ]
I haven't been able to find it on iTunes Canada either, Demon Magnet. Weird.
As the thread keeps pointing out, it's not up anymore because they have to fix the sound.
Let's see what tomorrow brings with Buffy Season 8: The Motion Comic.
No one else has commented yet, but I was able to download the first episode earlier this evening. iTunes kindly emailed me to tell me it was available (though I had already discovered it.) The voices are all find throughout (Buffy is recognizably female, etc.) and you can even pick out the spots where they pulled bits for the trailer. I think that anyone who purchased a season pass earlier can access the episode, though the Season 8 page isn't showing up in iTunes momentarily.
Did you like it? How was the voice acting and the animation? Did it flow well? etc
What is this eye-toons of which you speak? This'd better show up somewhere else, where I can see it.
Oh, yeah - I loved it! I haven't seen a motion comic before, so I was pretty charmed by how dynamic it was. It's basically the first issue, page-by-page, panel-by-panel (though I will have to double-check my issue. I think they cut a line in response to Buffy's musing about killing someone with a crucifix.) The voices are they only part that jarred, just because I know the actors so well. I can't really say that they don't work - they're just not the voices that I have in my head. Gotta get over that probably. So, no surprises if you've been reading the comics, but a lively version of the story and art we've already seen.
Pros, did you email contain a link to download?
Just wanted to point out that I also can't find it on iTunes Canada although primarily because I haven't looked. I bet if I did i'd still have trouble though (a friend on Twitter updated her Facebook status mentioning a MySpace page that said it was because Canada became a totalitarian Communist state last night. She's normally pretty reliable BTW).
Fyi has it also.
I was able to download at iTunes yesterday morning but it was gone at dinner time.

Saje ..I think problem is more that the USA is Authoritarian Capitalist imperialistic Cabal :)
gossi, the email I got did have a link to download, but I didn't use it as I had already discovered the episode was available through my obsessive use of the "Check for Available Downloads" menu option. It may just have been a shortcut to my account. If it's helpful, I can paste the link.
Saje ..I think problem is more that the USA is Authoritarian Capitalist imperialistic Cabal :)

Oh sure, toe the Party line why don't you ;).

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