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July 19 2010

Dollhouse comic coming with Season 2 DVD and BD. So sayeth UGO, complete with artwork. The limited edition book is entitled "Epitaphs", is written by Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon and will be included in the initial shipments of the DVD/BD.

You'll be able to pre-order the S2 DVD or BD at Comic-Con, although reportedly you don't need to do this in order to secure one of the copies with the comic. Just be sure to pre-order, order, or purchase your S2 disks as soon as you can.

As noted in the article, Jed and Maurissa will be signing at the FOX booth on Friday from 11AM to noon. In addition, there will be a signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth (and now you know why) on Saturday from 5PM to 5:45PM, with Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Zack Ward, and Felicia Day.

Just beat me, d'oh. That's exciting though. I wasn't clear either but since we've heard of the "special surprise", I'm under the impression it will be for all of them. At least it better be!
It will be included in all of the first shipments of the DVD and BD only. To make sure you get one, you should pre-order your copy. International details are still being worked out (meaning I don't know what they are).
So if I pre-ordered from Amazon, I will get a copy of the comic? I'm in Canada by the way.
Hah. Look at the full cover image. Check the background.
Oh this looks amazing, I'm from the UK and hope I can somehow get it!
Very nice, but surely it should have been called Epitaph Zero!

And ditto what Winchester said.
YAYYYYYYYY! So excited!
This made my day! New Dollhouse content from Jed and Maurissa! I am now officially counting down the days until October 12th! (84 days to go!)
b!X - the Dollhouse billboard? Or The US. Bank Tower, also in Doc Horrible? Or the disturbing cloud-and-fire combo that reminds me of L.A. exploding in an earthquake-y apocalypse as per 2012 and also reminding me that I for one would not be one of the folks allotted a space on the ship. (Much less one of the tiny suites.)

This is exciting and neat. I'd thought that Joss had said that it was unlikely that Dollhouse would be getting a comic - or... maybe it was unlikely that Dollhouse would be getting a musical episode? That might've been it.

(Thanks Tamara C. for the tip - I've pre-ordered. You must have been bursting with this one...)
The general line has been that, at one point, he'd said knew how one could make a Dollhouse comic, but then the line basically became that it was unlikely.
I'm confused, b!X's post says to pre-order at Comic Con. So it's only if you pre-order there?
Pre-ordered. =D
I was just following the advice provided: since only the initial shipments will have the comic, be sure to pre-order if you're going to Comic-Con. I can rephrase.
Jayrock, you can pre-order it at comic-con, but you will still be able to get it if you pre-order with Amazon too. Or if you go out and pick it up at retail on Oct 12th you should also be safe. The comic will be with all DVD and BD that go out in the initial run. Breathe. I think you'll get one. :)I can't wait to get my hands on a copy too!
haha Ok thank you guys. Yes I'm very excited and the advice to breathe and I'll get one has been taken.
Well that certainly qualifies as a surprise, since we've been told before that there would never be a Dollhouse comic. It's ashame that it's going to be so limited, though. I mean, it'll be nice to own a collectible, sure, but I feel sorry for any future fans that get into Dollhouse by the DVDs and need to hunt these down for outrageous prices on eBay once they're no longer available with the discs.
It's not fair.
I can't be at Comic-Con, and I want a copy when I'll buy the BD release.
I understand it's a SDCC exclusive and I won't get one if I preorder from Amazon.

I hope Dark horse will release it separately.

[ edited by Angel TheVampire on 2010-07-20 01:09 ]
I can't be at Comic-Con, and I want a copy when I'll buy the BD release.

As this thread states:
you can pre-order it at comic-con, but you will still be able to get it if you pre-order with Amazon too. Or if you go out and pick it up at retail on Oct 12th you should also be safe. The comic will be with all DVD and BD that go out in the initial run.
I'll find a new way to phrase the post itself.
This is NOT a comic con exclusive. All DVDs and BDs available on Oct 12th will have a comic book with them. You do get a little something special if you pre-order at comic-con but the comic book itself will be with ALL initial orders of the DVD and BD.

Do we whedonesquers have scarcity issues? Oh what? :)

Thanks for the clarification, bix.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2010-07-20 01:16 ]
I think it's prolly based on the fact that so many things - including last year's "spy-paper" Joss-note with Season 1 - *are* ComicCon exclusive, and people are erroneously assuming...
Yes, you get a lithograph if you pre-order at Comic-Con correct?
Well, I'll believe you and I'll preorder it now :P
But I'm still afraid that the official statement from UGO doesn't say that. For me it's just like last year with Season 1 SDCC exclusive.
I also had accidentally misleading language in my post, which now has been changed/explicated.
I think what's confusing people is: "You can secure your copy of season two packaged with this limited edition comic starting on Preview Night (Weds) and running through Sunday at SDCC."
I made my preorder with Amazon, and I asked them for confirmation ;)
Dammit. I do want this, but I live in Australia and I'm not sure if the Dollhouse BD will be region-free or not - or, hell, if Amazon will even send me the comic. We'll see.
I'm region B, but I'm assuming is region free because Season 1 was:
I'm 99% sure that Angel TheVampire is correct.
I wonder if Whiskey will be in it. There would be an opportunity for her to be so I hope they didn't pass it up.
YUM! Is that wrong to say to a comic with a DVD? Is it wrong to spend money before Comic Con? Is it wrong to pre-order one copy through Amazon and then pre-order another copy at the Fox booth to ensure I get all the goodies?


Wow, Amazon knows me quite well. It was hard not to purchase anything else... even then I pre-ordered Jane's Dollhouse book. ;)

So, just so we're clear... if you pre-order (either via Amazon or Comic Con) or if you purchase a copy of Dollhouse S2 on October 12th, you will more than likely obtain the Comic Book, yes?
*mouth agape* So lucky I can still type when I've lost the ability to speak... *squeeeee*
I wonder if I should order two copies. Seems like a bit of a waste, money-wise, but I do want two copies of the comic, just in case it becomes very rare and hard to get (both so I can keep one for collecting and as a back up in case I damage the ne I keep for reading). Besides, I'll probably break the DVDs one day anyway.

Better have a back-up.

[ edited by Skytteflickan88 on 2010-07-20 03:01 ]
Well on the off chance I will switch my 'Dollhouse' DVD from my wish list to an actual pre-order... after all, I'll want it asap anyway. But I do hope I get this comic without too much trouble!
At least the cover of the comic looks good.
I like the cover too, maybe Felicia's nose could have been smaller but overall I think it's a nice piece of art and I'll be glad to own it. I like the color palette, it's appealing to me. And the details.

Is the guy at the top with the gun supposed to be someone we recognize or is he just a random?
Wait so is there any way to get the comic without buying the DVD or Blu-ray? -desperately wants-
The rifle makes me think of Paul when he and Caroline broke into the Dollhouse in Epitaph One.

Apart from that, possibly Mag and Zone's other buddy that "Iris" shot.
This is cool! I wonder if the comic will be smaller than normal to fit the DVD packaging, or if the packaging will be bigger to fit the comic. Oh, and if the comic is folded in any way, I'll SNAP.
That's a good point, do you think it will be video game manual sized?
*prays this will lead to more Dollverse comics*
*sacrifices left big toe to the gods of comics awesomeness*
Yes, korkster.

Comic will be DVD sized and not folded. That's what I'm told. So no snapping necessary, Riker.
I'm glad the comic isn't a SDCC exclusive. I do wish that Fox could've had a Steelbook edition though. Season 2 will be the last dvd I buy until after Comic Con next year as I'm saving up to go there.
What a nice surprise. Let's see,one copy for myself, one for the Toronto CSTS next year, one for Edmonton's. Yes, Fox will be seeing my money this week.
I was going to wait for the R4 but I snapped and preordered with the promise of the comic. Hope it works in my DVD player
I got someone to buy it for me at SDCC! He won't be at preview night though... but since last year I bought mine on Friday, I'm thinking it won't sell out until Thursday... right?
It's just pre-orders anyway. Not an actual product available at the booth.
Yeah, read the whole thread now... I'm gonna pre-oder on Amazon then...

Just another question cause I want to be extra sure about this... this is for the regular DVD/BR on Amazon, right? Or is there a special one there that I'm not seeing?
It's the regular (only) one. It's just that it will only be in the initial shipments of the regular one.
I don't get paid until Friday, the 30th and I'm not going to SDCC. I'll have to wait to pre-order through Amazon and hopefully get the comic that way. That is, if people stop buying more than one for themselves. "Little Johnny has no comic with his DVD, but he might have had one, if Little Timmy hadn't decided he needed three". :)
Cool, thanks b!X! Pre-order'd!
So how many Dark Horse comic book characters are there now that look like Felicia Day? Vi, Mag, Codex... Does Codex's avatar count as an extra ½ character?
So this is just an R1 offer?
Don't forget Penny.
kungfubear, you could order 100 from Amazon and you will get them because Amazon would just increase their initial order to match their pre-orders. And Amazon won't charge you until they ship the DVD in October anyway so your payday this Friday doesn't really matter. Breathe. :)

Simon, I don't have confirmation on other regions, but I know it's been discussed.
Huh, that is a surprise! I hope this is available in the Region 2 release, too. I'm also wondering if the guy over Mag and Zone could be Dominic instead of another member of their group.
Well, in that case... CLICK! :)
This may be getting signed and made available at Comic-Con - just a heads up.
Lucky Conners, maybe one time I'll make the trip out there.
'I'm region B, but I'm assuming is region free because Season 1 was:'

I agree, but that's not official confirmation, and most of Fox's Blu-rays are in fact region locked - although most of their TV-on-Blu-ray releases do seem to be among the minority of region-free titles. Whatever the case, we should likely get early confirmation from owners of the Comic-Con edition like last year, so I'm not too worried.
I wonder if the comic will be smaller than normal to fit the DVD packaging, or if the packaging will be bigger to fit the comic.

I find this hilarious, Riker. Probably because the thought never crossed my mind that they'd have to shrink one or enlarge another. My hat's off to you, sir. ;)

Thank you, TamaraC, for providing us with the latest and greatest... and for keeping us cool when we spiral into a frenzy.

Another thing that made me Laugh Out Loud:

So how many Dark Horse comic book characters are there now that look like Felicia Day? Vi, Mag, Codex... Does Codex's avatar count as an extra ½ character?

Don't forget Penny.

Again, smiles all around GreatMuppetyOdin and Xantastic1316! :)

I never thought to count Felicia Day appearances, but, now that you've mentioned it, it seems as though I've been blind to her domination in the comic book industry. (And I would say that her Avatar in the Guild counts as a whole, since Codex does not see herself as Cyd.)

The things fans do that make me happy...
I like the line "narrowly avoided death, and worse". I hope they get up to some twisted stuff in there. :D
*sigh*. I just wish it wasn't a Comic-Con exclusive. That's, like, totally unfair.

(hey, it gives you guys something to do ;-)

May have to pre-order from the US unless TamaraC can work her "actual information" magic re: other regions.
So to be very clear -- should I preorder myself an American DH S2, or will a European DH S2 also have Epitaphy goodness in it?
At the minute, there is no answer to that question. The comic is only announced for region 1 (US) at this time.
Thank you, Gossi. That's all the answer I need, I suppose. I just hate mixing regions for one show's DVDs.
Are there such a thing as region-free blu-rays? I can't decide if I should order the ordinary region 1 that I know I can play on my laptop, or order the blu-ray (which I will only order if I know I can use different regions for the same blu ray player).

EDIT- Nope, lots of blu rays discs aren't region free.

[ edited by Skytteflickan88 on 2010-07-20 15:08 ]
I am ridiculously excited about it, I mean it is probably going to be small (the size of the DVD case) and short... But it looks awesome, and I WANT.
It makes me want to pre-order both the standard DVD and the blu-ray (one for my computer which doesn't play blu-ray and one for our PS3 that plays blu-ray).

But then, I also want to go to SDCC which will never happen in a million years, so there's that. :D

I think the other guy with Mag and Zone's Dominic. Which makes me feel afraid that he's going to be killed off in comic form. (noooooooo!)
Thanks for the info on the comic's size! So it's roughly digest format, which is a nice style. Is this a standard 22-page comic (without ads) or a bit bigger?
I believe it is standard length. I don't know about ads. I haven't seen one yet. :)
So - at the risk of sounding repetitive - this comic will not be released separately later but will ONLY be available with the S2 DVD?
As far as I know, Nicole, that is the case. The comic was created specially for the DVD/BD release and that is the only way it will be sold. That may, of course, change at a later time, but I wouldn't know anything about that since my crystal ball seems to be on the fritz. :)
Thanks, Tamara. Guess I'll have to miss out - can't really afford to buy any more DVDs right now.
Now that I read the whole thread I came to realize TamaraC has some inside info. I didn't know that, I apologize for being so suspicious ;)
No apologies necessary. It's only prudent to suspicious of people spouting off on the Internet and my "inside" info has been known to be spectacularly wrong upon occasion. :)
As per Buffyfest and Scott Allie: no comic at SDCC itself, just a litho of the cover, which is what they will be signing.
Yep, I'm totally wrong about the comic. Was getting mixed messages about it, my bad.
Just for anyone else who was paranoid about amazon's preorders not containing the comic (like me), the page says "Release includes an “exclusive limited edition” of the Dollhouse comic book" at this point. I dunno if it said it before, but I didn't see it.
I'm pretty sure that's a new addition, and therefore a very nice catch, aroomacanvas.
Anyone got word yet on whether Amazon UK orders will include the comic?
is that the Wolfram and Hart tower in the backround of the cover? or is my overly fanboy brain* make making connections that arnt there?

*edited to add missing word

[ edited by Canis_Latrans on 2010-07-23 20:51 ]
Gosi, were you the one who said there was some secret surprise with the season 2 set? If so, was it the comic or is there some other big surprise that we haven't heard about?

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