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July 20 2010

Happy Birthday Reed Diamond! Raise a toast, he turns 43 today.

Nice! Wish we could've had more of him.
Happy birthday, Reed!

We sort of have a celebration post here. We love us some gifs... and naked pics. lol XD

Happy birthday again.
Happy Birthday Reed! I loved you in Echoes, The Attic, True Believer.... soft, like a kitty. This gun is too heavy! LOL

Mr. Dominik rulz.
Happy Birthday Reed!

Laurence Dominic was easily my favourite Dollhouse character. Crazy chemistry with Eliza in The Attic, wish the show could have been on long enough for them to explore that.
Happy Birthday, Reed Diamond! May your 43rd year be soft, like a kitty.
Loved him on Journeyman. Happy birthday Sexy.

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