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July 19 2010

Who is the ultimate Sexy Beast? Help the editors of answer the question by voting in an old-fashioned, single-elimination tournament pitting 64 recent, pop culture relevant film and tv characters against each other. Whedonverse associations galore. Part 2 found here.

Cool, they included Alcide from True Blood, even though he's real recent (not in book-form, but on TV).

Nice that they didn't forget about Mark Frankel ("Julian Luna" on Kindred: The Embraced). Guy would've gone places for sure, being both one of the better talents on that show and ridiculously handsome. :(

When I saw "The Beast", I figured they were gonna say the Ron Perlman version from the live-action Linda Hamilton series of Beauty and the Beast, but nope, they mean the Disney animated version. So EW's really going there, are they ? No judgement. Robby Benson's vocals were pretty hot.

I think I can deal with dudes-as-monsters/mutants and have no trouble finding some of them appealing better than I can accept women with the same alterations/enhancements/quirks. Some of 'em just make my stomach turn, like Anna from V (yes, Morena is beautiful, but all I think of when Anna comes to mind is her getting all lizardy in the mouth and eating the guy who fertilized her eggs immediately after sex), Sil from Species (again--yes to Natasha Henstridge, but the first thing that comes to mind is the taily and wholly unattractive green-black things she becomes later on), and the one from Splice ("Uncanny Valley" rules apply to that one, I think, though intentional).

Exception: Mystique, 'cause she's just blue-skinned and yellow-eyed and apparently has no nipples, though she could morph some onto her if she wanted.

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Yes, as much as I love Morena as Inara, I don't like lizard people. I went with Boomer in BSG. She had that glowy spine thing that I found really hot.
Morena does excellent job transforming from a beautiful woman into someone I find physically repulsive. But Anna being repulsive and considering the fact that my love for Athena doesn't know any bounds, my vote was spoken for.
Ha! I love that Ms. Pac Man is in the bracket.
Ack! Everyone is BOLD!

Ah, nevermind. All good.

Boomer is cool.

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