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December 01 2003

Possible Audio Comentaries for Angel Season 4 and Buffy Season 7 DVD. I don't know how acurate it is, but if it is true, I just got a lot happier.

Tim confirmed the 'Home' commentary at the ASSB the other week, and I believe Jane Espenson and Danny Strong have both mentioned doing the 'Conversations With Dead People' extra. Not sure about all those 'N/C' bits, but at least 2 of those are for real.
I was naively hoping for a sweet, sappy little "Seven great years of BUFFY" Montage/Dedication/Special-type thing...

**Sigh**..oh well
A little montage would've been cute, but can you imagine Joss commentary on Chosen?

It will be so amazing, to hear his opinions on the original script vs. the one they used, his opinion on fan reactions to many years till we get this in the good ole' US?
The Joss commentary on Chosen is probaly a given, and on the subject of US Release Date, I would peg Buffy for December 2004, and Angel for August 2004, it keeps with the timeframe that has been set by previous releases, and it's more than a year after they aired, which is what the UK had to wait for previous seasons, if I'm not mistaken.
No Season 7 overview? And I thought Joss started saving outtakes just for the DVDs. Only four featurettes listed - all character profiles - so I'm thinking there's more to be added to that list. Scripts, production photos, behind the scenes... something.
But yay for commentaries! And yay for extras on Angel! :)
Kitty and Candy from the Succubus Club were invited to do an interview for the DVD. They were told it was a part of a segment that they were doing about the Buffy fandom. So that should be another extra on the set.

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Just to be the analytical snark that I am, I don't agree with some of the episodes picked for comentary for the Ats Season 4 DVD. Let's put the deadline at 7 comentaries(sp?). I agree with Spin The Bottle, Apocalypse Nowish(a.k.a. rain of fire), Orpheus, and Home. I would change The House Always Wins to Deep Down, The Magic Bullet into Peace Out, and Inside Out into either Awakening or Soulless, personaly I would pick Soulless but that choice is really a toss up. Thoughts? Anybody? Bueller?
And just to comment on the Buffy Season 7 set, I would not be suprised if they went to a 7th disk to house all the extras you know they have planed, just something to keep in mind.
400lb, I agree with the Soulless commentary, especially since it was directed by one of my favorite Hobbits, Sean Astin. And instead of Magic Bullet, maybe Salvage, 'cuz y'know, FAITH IS SO HOT!
beth c - Whaty do you mean by original script vs. the one they used? Just curious.
"I was naively hoping for a sweet, sappy little 'Seven great years of BUFFY" Montage/Dedication/Special-type thing...'

The closest to that was the 100th episode tribute that was done in lieu of the season five blooper reel that was presumably shown at the cast and crew wrap party that year.
I think it should be a law that outtakes and blooper reels be included in any and all dvd releases.

I'm just sayin'!
I'm guessing there may be more features on the Buffy season 7 region 1 DVD, this looks like the extras for regions 2 and 4.
I meant the other script that floated around the web post-Chosen that I assumed was legit that saw different deaths and a mention of Joyce's visit in CwDP.
Beth c- That was a fannish fake. The only final script is the one we saw. In Dreamwatch, Whedon does comment on having to cut some scenes from the finale including a little bit of Wood & Giles smoking a joint before the big battle which just sounds brillant. We can only hope that shows up on DVD.
How much are you willing to bet that the joint scene is not included on the DVDs Unitas? It sounds classic but I have come to expect less and less from the bonus content on the Buffy DVDs...I just got the Battlestar Galactica DVD set and there is tons of deleted scenes and extra footage available and it was shot over 24 years ago....What I am trying to say, despite what JW says about additional material not existing, there has to be a great deal of deleted scenes and extras available from ALL seasons...I think someone was just too lazy to sort through all of it...
I've seen most of the blooper reels, and I have to say, they're downright hilarious. It's really too bad the general public won't get to see them. :(

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