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July 20 2010

LA Times talks to Thomas Tull about Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. That would be the Comic-Con documentary on which Joss Whedon is one of the executive producers. Tull is of Legendary Pictures, which is behind the film.

Pull quote:
This whole thing was Morgan Spurlock's idea, and when Morgan called me at the end of last year and asked me if I wanted to produce the film, my first question was, 'What is the point of view? Are you making fun of this? That would certainly not be something Iím interested in.' But he was so impacted by Comic-Con and how passionate the fans were he felt he needed to document it. Once I understood where he was coming from, along with the fact that Joss Whedon was on board, I realized that I would be fortune enough to be working with a team that possesses the same passion as the fans and I.

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So Spurlock is going to direct, and Joss is one of three executive producers. That's a clarification I was looking for.

Bonus in this article, the mention of the documentary "It Might Get Loud", which I'd never heard of and now must track down immediately.

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