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July 20 2010

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour is Out Today. It includes the following quote from Joss on the back cover: "Scott Pilgrim is the best book ever. It is the chronicle of our time. With Kung Fu, so yeah: perfect." I couldn't agree more.

I couldn't find an image of the Joss quote, but if anyone can help me out, feel free to add to the post or change the URL.

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When I click the link I get to a empty whedonesque page.
Hmm, sorry. Should be fixed.
It's not out till Thursday apparently in the UK, so I'm eagerly waiting. I've been following O'Malley on Twitter so hearing about all the SDCC epic of epicness stuff and that launch party has made me crazy anxious to finally get the book. It's going to take me forever to get into a perfect position so I can read it without any distractions whatsoever.

Yay. Can't wait. The film looks great as well. Michael Cera, surprisingly, has actually become Scott. :)

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The release party was one of the best street parties I've been a part of. Costume contest was great, Bryan was fantastic with the fans (as was Ellen Wong), and all the great events going on on the street really made it a night to remember.
Oh wow, I'm pleased and amazed that Whedon got the only back cover quote. For some reason I just always figured that it was more of a generational thing for people who were right in that era of 8 or 16 bit gaming and Canadian indie/pop music. Then again I guess Buffy did have a lot of the same high concept where there's constant highly choreographed fighting between/as a result of one's exes.

Incidentally I also wonder if he picked up the series himself or if it was sort of a result of what I now imagine to be an epic friendshiplaboration between Joss and Edgar Wright.
Speaking as someone who was only around for the tail end of 8 and 16 bit gaming and wasn't even playing games at that point, I'd say it's definitely not just a generational thing.
@orangewaxlion There are Joss quotes on the first and/or second Scott Pilgrim books (can't remember exactly which one), which came out before there was talk of a film, so I think he discovered the series himself.
Really? I just checked and my UK ones only have quotes from Ain't It Cool and the Washington Post.
I read the first book a year or so ago. Honestly, I didn't care for it. Scott Pilgrim came off like a manipulative, immature, hipster jerk who objectifies Women (he's also a hypocrite, but I won't go into spoiler territory). Also, he glamorizes the Ramona character and I don't see what's so special about her, other than she's apparently supposed to be really hot. The notion of being forced to fight seven evil exes just to date this girl doesn't seem to present itself as a red flag to anyone but me. Not to mention, she's racked up seven exes already, and they're ALL EVIL? That says more about her than anything else. :) The action and the humor, while sometimes cute and clever, is also just so damn random and arbitrary. I found myself not caring if Scott won or lost. It's all so flippant and silly, nothing matters.

Having said ALL THAT, I am madly excited for the movie. Edgar Wright is an amazing filmmaker and he has an astounding sense of comic timing. The trailers are a blast, so I look forward to seeing this on the big screen. I can SORT OF see why Joss would enjoy this series, but "perfect"? Seriously? Not in my opinion. Maybe after the movie I'll read the rest of the books. We'll see.
That is so cool. I would have loved to have read this today, but none of the major booksellers are selling it yet (a Barnes & Noble employee informed me it wasn't being released until August 3...what?), and my local comics shop was closed. Though apparently some comics shops weren't selling it either. I know I'm not the only one who had this problem today. It's frustrating.
I was at the midnight release party last night in Toronto and it was a blast. Apparently there was over 2000 people packed into the streets, something that you would normally get for say a Harry Potter book, not a black & white independent comic book.

Volume 6, while not the best of the series is a great conclusion and I can't wait to see the movie.

kungfubear, one of the main themes of Scott Pilgrim is growing up and maturing. Your description of Scott is dead on and one of the things addressed through out the series. Also as Ramona jokes through out the series, here exes weren't evil when she dated them, they turned out that way afterward. :-)
UnpluggedCrazy, the problem is that comic book stores get their regular shipments of new comics on Wednesday. So stores who wanted Scott Pilgrim for Tuesday had to sign up for a special shipment delivered last week. Not all comic book stores signed up for this, but any comic book store that ordered Scott Pilgrim should have them tomorrow with their regular shipment.
Oh, I had no idea about the previous Whedon quote thingie. In my made-up defense, maybe different editions have different blurbs? (I just noticed that at some point they stopped printing the 5th book with the shiny foil cover, they apparently completely overhaul the cover for foreign printings, and older editions don't match the current spine design).

I do sort of wonder how it would have ended up in Joss' hands for him to be quoted on the first book given that I don't know of any direct connections between him and Oni or O'Malley.
Hmm, after my initially reactions of "meh" to the film trailer, I am suddenly discovering that it is being directed by Edgar Wright and that Joss is a big fan of the source material.

My judgement is being realigned.
There's a lot to be spoiled with if you watch the trailers and the remixes. I've seen everything available, which I never do before seeing a film, and I'm very excited but do get a feeling of guilty whenever I watch them. So. Extremely. Excited.

orangewaxlion, you made me remember the horrible ordeal I have whenever I read them. I think its the third book, it's meant to start in colour - but mine doesn't - its heart-wrenching. I'm irritated enough by colour pages being printed in black and white through manga, so for a comic to do it just was downright Gideon of them.

*wonders if the book will arrive here a day before the UK release tomorrow.*
Printing the first few pages in colour for Volume 4 and doing the cover in foil in volume 5 was apparently quite expensive to do, so it's my understanding that it was only done for the first printing.

Also if anyone is a big fan, you might be interested in finding the Scott Pilgrim Colour Special comic book, which as it's title implies is all in colour and a regular sized comic book. It's hard to find as it was never distributed to stores, but put together for a comic convention (previous San Diego Comic Con maybe?). There's nothing essential to the main Scott Pilgrim storyline, these are all just reprints of previous small short stories Brian O'Malley did variety of different places, like the Oni Free Comic Book Day issue done a number of years ago.
I just finished this. Wow. It was totally awesome. Joss was right. And the added kung fu definitely elevates its epic epicness.
I just finished it as well. It was great. I think I'll make an effort to re-read the series soon.
Changed the URL to the photo that Chirp shared. Thanks, Chirp!

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