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July 20 2010

Advanced Review Of Spike: The Devil You Know #2. Newsarama has a spoiler light review of tomorrow's Spike: The Devil You Know #2.

When is Brian Lynch's Spike comic coming out? That is the one I'm looking forward to!
The first issue of the monthly Spike series by Brian is supposed to come out in October.We'll probably be getting solicitation for it soon.Maybe even this week.
Why there are no previews for this one?

Obviously I'm not familiar yet with the comics medium but the article sound more like an generalization than an actual review. Thanks for posting.

"While Spike himself doesn't quite have the visual oomph -- again, created for TV, where the look isn't nearly as important as the story and performance."

*sigh* which speaks volumes about whats deficient with many of these comics. All show, very little substance imo.
Preview pages will probably hit today.IDW a lot of times releases the preview pages on the day the issue comes out.


Here's another review.

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Crap! The supposed preview pages for issue #2 are from #1.

Way to promote your books IDW

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