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July 20 2010

Douglas Fargo's Password. 33 minutes and 24 seconds in, the latest episode of Eureka contains a shout out reference to Buffy. Literally.

Also worth noting, James Callis is now in this show. A bit of Six Degrees of Joss Whedon, anyone?

I'm in Europe and Hulu blocks me, can someone please tell me what's the what here?

He just invokes the name of the Buffy series, except he replaces the name Buffy with Dougie, after himself.
In the new alternate timeline, Douglas Fargo is in charge of Global Dynamics. He needs to get into a secure lab to shut down a secret (possibly world-ending!) personal experiment, but does not know what the password is. When forced to guess, he says "Dougie the Vampire Slayer". And yes, the doors part :)

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He also possesses a Sarah Michelle Gellar doll.

And, if I recall correctly, Fargo states in an episode that he tried to get SMG (fictionally speaking) to be the voice for SARAH (Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat) which is an AI smart house. Failing to get SMG, he did the female voice himself.
I caught that - thought I caught the SMG reference too, but I wasn't sure that was what he said.

I haven't watched Eureka for a long time. I caught the current season premier because I heard James Callis was joining the cast, and I'm liking it better than I did when I tried it before.
33 minutes and 24 seconds in, the latest episode of Eureka contains a shout out reference to Buffy. Literally.

Aaaargh ! Angry mob, re-attack !

(he doesn't shout. Literally ;)

Yeah, noticed this one. The first thing I thought when he said it was "Oh Fargo, didn't you listen to Joss ? There will NEVER be a male Slayer" ;). Liking the adjusted timeline, particularly the way they dangled the reset and then explicitly removed the possibility (for now anyway). Shaking things up in this way is exactly what the show needed, it had become pretty stale IMO (and James Callis' character gives us another variation on the access/sense-of-wonder character now that Jack has been there way too long to still be playing that role, we can experience Eureka anew through him. Nice crack about flying cars too cos, like, totally, right ? If I ever travel 60 years into the future we damn well better have them, tell you that. Also silver jumpsuits).
Totally agree, Saje! I love it when shows shake things up like this, and I was fairly disappointed when it looked like they were going to do the reset.

Eureka actually did something like this before, if I recall. It takes a certain amount of guts for a show that's doing well, as I think it is (if I'm wrong, someone please correct me), to change as much as they did. Although I guess leaving those 5 major characters the same is enough for people to hold onto during the change. And I love the addition of James Callis' character. He definitely has been missed since BSG and deserves a good role.

Good start to the season!
Saje, we do have silver jumpsuits *now*, it's just not considered cool by most people to wear them :)
Apart from a brief period in the 70s and 80s Shapenew ;).

Eureka actually did something like this before, if I recall.

They had an alternate timeline story in season one IIRC guidedby (something to do with Henry bringing his wife/partner back from the dead ?) but hit the reset button pretty quickly. It's brave, agreed, particularly for a show that's, let's be honest, a bit of warm-hearted fluffy fun most of the time (and no worse for it). AFAIK it was doing fine, with ratings in the mid 2-3 millions (which is very respectable for Sci-Fi) so they didn't need to do it but it seems like the creators felt it needed a shake-up and went for it. Good for them.

(one of the things I most admire about 'Angel' is the way it basically reinvented itself every season, 'Eureka' could do a lot worse than follow that example)

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@Saje - Well, excuuuuuse me! I was listening to the show through my massive ear goggles*. Maybe "blurt" is a more fitting word? :)

* I wish I had purchased those through Amazon. I paid more than $50, but I will say they're amazing, regardless. Worth every cent!
Heh. It was, indeed, a blurt out. Literally ;).

And yep, I usually make a solemn oath not to check prices in the two or three weeks after a reasonable sized purchase cos that's when it's invariably on sale, with a free spare, plus a holiday in the Bahamas, plus we'll actually pay you to take it off our hands, honestly, you'd be doing us a favour. Not good for the old peace of mind.

(Nice cans BTW... OK, thinking about rephrasing that ;)
Yeah, I remember that alternate timeline vaguely, Saje. This is a show I might actually enjoy rewatching in, like, 15-20 years. Almost always entertaining, usually clever, 99% of the time likable.

Glad to know, (as far as you do, anyway ;)), that it's doing well. Happy for Colin Ferguson, as I remember seeing him doing Second City shows live in Chicago, my hometown. Ah, I knew him when. Okay, I didn't really know him, know what I mean.

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