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July 20 2010

Pics of new Firefly merchandise from QMx at SDCC. Shirts, statues, and more.

Can I just have all of it?
Oohhhh so shiny!!!
That River is...adorable.
Actually I want the 'Farnsworth', which I figure I can mention here because last week 'Warehouse 13' had had Kaylee and Simon back together again, and this week they had Mark Sheppard!
They've gone too far! (And I approve of their doing so!)
It's late and I'm clueless, but where do we find out the prices of these things and how to buy them if we aren't going to the con?

I'm strangely attracted to the River maquette, the Dead Redshirt tee, and the Farnsworth. I haven't been watching Warehouse 13, so I have no idea what it's supposed to do, but I was an electronics technician back when there was still stuff that looked like that lying around. The next gen probably had Nixie tubes.
Janef, with the exception of a few exclusives (exclusive to ComicCon), everything that companies show at ComicCon will eventually be produced and sold over the coming year.

In the case of Qmx, just check in on their website over the next few weeks and months. Or get their updates on Facebook or Twitter that will alert you as to when a product will be available for purchase.
You can also sign up for their QMx Insider e-newsletter and it will come to you.
Bit too cutesy for my tastes. River looks like she's from the Dark Crystal.
The T-shirts and posters among others are pretty cool though the dolls aren't really my bag.

I quite like the steampunk-ish props from 'Warehouse 13' but after watching last week's episode to see Jewel and Sean I haven't changed my mind about the show unfortunately (if anything I reckon it's got worse since I watched the first 6).
I officially want the first t shirt and the River statue!
the cutaway Serenity and mule was pretty cool, but i want the farnsworth bad
Ah I love the River maquette! Still wanting the one of her leaning sideways holding her weapons up. And that Serenity cutaway poster is pretty amazing.
I'm not normally a fan of props and dolls, but I have to admit that I am contemplating the possibility of a Fruity Oaty Bar figure in my future. They are awfully cute and would make me giggle every day!

And I've wanted a replica of the Galactica Top Gun stein for ages (even though that episode features my least favourite character in the history of television).
Is the Farnsworth named after the inventor of television? What episode of Warehouse would I need to watch to find out what it does? And what _is_ #43? (snaky thing in a case).

I overlooked the Firefly cutaway posters on the first pass. Really good stuff.
#43 is a zat-gun from Stargate.

The Farnsworth is indeed named after Philo Farnsworth. I think it's explained pretty early on, but basically it's just a video phone.
Yeah, you first see them in the pilot I think (not sure if it's ever particularly thoroughly explained, the Farnsworth reference is made and they move on).

#43 is a zat-gun from Stargate.

Quite a fancy one though, is that one of the system lord's zats ? Normally they're dark blue/black. It's an energy weapon for the uninitiated (or I should say, that tiny percentage of the uninitiated that's even vaguely interested ;) a bit like a taser on steroids and IIRC one blast stuns, two in quick succession kill and three disintegrates. Handy.

(looks like it folds up like a "real" one too which could be quite cool)
The River is surprisingly cute but the way the sword goes through her hair sort of looks like a head wound.

I'm so much more curious about the sonic screwdriver replica, I still can't make sense of what they mean by cell phone vibration. (Is it like a Bluetooth thingie someone could actually answer their phone with?)

Also I do ponder the fine line between something Firefly/Serenity related being labeled as (c) of 20th Century Fox or Universal and I've still never really quite understood the borderline.
I'm not big on dolls/statuettes in general - I only have one: Dark Willow raising the Big Old Satanic Temple on Kingman's Bluff from "Grave".

But I get such a kick out of the Fruity Oaty Girls, I am actually craving them - especially with their li'l herbal names and in their Fruity Oaty bar packaging. 'Cause: fruity and oaty. Makes you bust out of your blouse.

(And if you haven't seen these a-maze-ing Fruity Oaty Cosplay Gals from DragonCon 2009, you must check them out. Simply inspired.)

And I don't care so much about Jayne's wrist strap, but oh my goodness, how I want a Blue Sun drawstring bag. Something fierce.
I'm so much more curious about the sonic screwdriver replica, I still can't make sense of what they mean by cell phone vibration.

I don't know but personally doubt it's a bluetooth hands-free kit, to me it's most likely they just mean it vibrates like a cell-phone when you press a button BUT it could also have one of those doodads in it which vibrates/lights up when you have an incoming call (like this for example - except in a sonic screwdriver).

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