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December 02 2003

BtVS season 5 DVD (region 1) review. No rapid-fire montage of clips from the previous 99 episodes at the start of 'The Gift'? Grrr arghh.

Wow...that sucks about the missing episode 100 montage. But I have the Region 2/4 set and it's not missing...

I could understand(sort of)if the montage was only a one-time, catch-it-if-you-can broadcast event. But why have in on the foreign set and not the domestic, doesn't make sense.
I have it on (not very high quality) video tape, but why would they leave off the DVD's an astounding montage...this is strange and off-putting...
What dumbass puts together these things anyway? Like we weren't going to notice? Come ON!
Some laywer in the video division thought it would trigger Pokemon-epilepsy, maybe?
I was looking forward to that montage too. It was a great thing to do and was fantastic to watch. Unfortunately, I don't have it on tape either. I'm still confused about all the Widescreen talk. Joss Whedon made it sound like it (the show altogether) wasn't shot in widescreen but that comparison shot from "The Body" indicates otherwise. I understand his reasoning for the difference in impact because you did feel like Buffy's world was closing in on her in that episode, but still, I wish we were at least given the opportunity to buy it in widescreen if that's what we wanted to do (and I most likely would).

Also, I'm so sick of the season 6 and 7 bashing, yes they weren't as great as some of the others but they were still better than anything else that was being shown. I'm glad Buffy didn't end with her death and I'm glad the series ended with Buffy having hope for the future.
blwessels - read a couple of paragraphs before the images. The episodes were shot in 1.78:1 because of the film quality, not the aspect ratio. Personally, I prefer widescreen (my main TV is 1.78:1), but I want to view the work in the way the filmmakers intended it to be seen.

Aspect ratios aside, I'm disappointed about the loss of the opening montage.
Good review, though I agree with blwessels that the bashing of seasons 6 and 7 needs to end. I happen to be one of those "frightening" types that ranks season 6 as his favorite, so I suppose everyone should stay away from me unless you catch this terrible disease. The horror!

No 99 episode montage? Arrrrrrrgh.
Perhaps a letter could be written?

Or fires could be set?

Does Whedon know about it?
Maybe I'm crazy, but I've always loved the Previouslies, even though I watched every episode at most a couple days after the previous one. The way they get the plot across in quick dialog excerpts -- it's an art form.
All of the motages have been left off of the DVD titles...This has left me a little upset because I fell that they add to the series and episodes as well...I definately miss the "previouslies" and I would like to ask the jack@$$ who decided to leave them out what he was smoking...

And Ocular...I dont think whedon cares...

And for those of you that want to see the filming differences...Look at the film quality for seasons 1 and 2 and compare them to later seasons..You will see the differences between 16mm and 32mm film...

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I was afraid this would happen. Grrh! Argh!

"Or fires could be set?"
I've got my pitchfork, let's mob 'em.
Mindpieces, you are not alone.
So I assume the 100th episode montage is considered a previouslie? So if the other previouslies go, it goes?
It sucks that they're leaving the montage off. I too always actually enjoyed the "previouslies", and I think that they could have made an exception at least for that one episode since it was a milestone of the series. *shrug*

And now for my attempt to get myself permanently banned from this particular site: Seasons 6 & 7 sucked compared to the first five years of the series. I was more often than not annoyed, insulted, or just disappointed with the last two seasons, primarily because it didn't seem to live up to the potential set in prior seasons. But having said that, even though they sucked @$$ by comparison, they were still better than anything else on television, and there were still moments at least that stood out in each season that rank among the best of the entire series.
Why would you get banned? You're stating your opinion without attacking someone else, or being obscene, or anything like that.

Moreoever, I more or less agree with you - though I think in a few (or maybe more than a few) years time when my brain rot due to overexposure to forums, opinions, flamewars around the web, may see me go a little easier on S6 and 7. These days I'll even watch S4/5 without much of a gripe.
I love the "Previously..." segments, even if I don't need them. (Although sometimes they are useful if there has been a long break between eps, or if you want to watch a random ep but can't remember exactly what events it took place after. At least the syndicated and FX reruns still keep the previouslies, even if they cut out other parts. Removing this part of the episode is both abridgement and censorship. The "Complete Fifth Season" DVD's are NOT actually complete because of this element. If the DVD's were actually complete (and if I had more money) I would buy them. (Also if they got the right theme song for "Anne" and "Dead Man's Party.") It is very shameful that they cut out the previouslies, but hey, at least we get the right aspect ratio in the US.
Invisible, Have you ever seen a show on a PAL television? It looks great!
PAL...they have that in Britain, right? If so, then I have watched PAL television, but I didn't notice a difference.
What's this about the theme songs for "Anne" and "Dead Man's Party"? Since is gone, I can't immediately recollect what was on them ... was it another switcheroo like in "Lie to Me" where the Sisters of Mercy song was replaced?

If the montages are on the R2 discs, I may just have to buy those.

I'm glad I have kept all of my old broadcast tapes of Buffy. Maybe a conversion to DVD for posterity would be in order.
Good point, Ocular...maybe converting my tapes is a good idea.

I still cannot fathom why that astonishing intro to "The Gift" would be cut...utterly mystifying...
The DVD's for "Anne" and "Dead Man's Party" used the Season 1-2 version of the BtVS theme song instead of the second version. [This is at least for the R1 edition.]

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