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July 21 2010

(SPOILER) IDW solicitations and covers for October 2010. Includes Angel #38, the first issue of Brian Lynch's Spike monthly and Angel Vs.Frankenstein II by John Bryne.

Will definitely be buying Spike #1 since I love Brian Lynch's writing and Spike! I gave up on the Angel ongoing a while ago because I hated the characterization of almost everyone, especially Spike and Illyria. I might give Angel vs. Frankenstein a look if a TPB comes out.
Oh, yes, finally! I will continue feeding the e-bay comicbookshops. And I love the spike in I
Awesome! I hope everyone likes the SPIKE series! If you want a copy, let your comic shoppe owner know. I want to keep the series going for as long as I can, but we need the numbers to be good to justify a regular series. WE KNOW WHAT WE HAVE TO DO!
Angel vs Frankenstein 2?! Awesome:) I loved the 1st one - so this is very good news.

The Angel sounds excellent (v interesting cover)...and of course Spike #1:) Good month all round then!
I've just given my comic book guy the heads' up: I want to subscribe to Brian Lynch's SPIKE and I hope it runs forever!
Yes. That's all that has to be said. Yes.
And someone other than the readers finally wonders, just what the hell is really up with Spike?

I know people have been put off by Spike's characterisation, but I guess those of us who kept faith in Willingham's story are gonna be rewarded. Nice.

Also, the cover for Spike is amazing, as I'm sure the rest of the book will be.
It's good to see the solicitation for the Spike series !
Brian....I am definitely looking forward to your Spike series. I hope it runs forever!!!!
I wonder though...will IDW offer a subscription for this series or will it be sold on a single issue basis as released?
I would love to see a subscription saves a bit of cash and also makes it easy as far as ordering goes.
Maybe you could consider several subcriptions that encompass perhaps 10 issues or so.
Just a thought.
I'll be buying this series no matter what can count on that!!!!!!
Bless you for doing this and keeping Spike in our lives!!!!!!
I am really excited about this as I have to agree that currently the Spike being portrayed in the comic world just isn't the Spike I know and love, but I know that Brian can fix that problem...My comic book guy already knows to put anything to do with Spike in my box but I will make sure he knows this is coming. Thanks!!!!

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