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July 21 2010

Whedonverse actors to provide voices for DC Universe Online. Adam Baldwin is voicing Superman, Gina Torres is Wonder Woman and James Marsters will be Lex Luthor.

Sorry, but I still prefer Clancy Brown as Lex, and Adam Baldwin is too gruff as Superman. They should've just gone back to all the Justice League actors.

I miss the DCAU TV Timmverse. Le sigh.
Gina Torres is Woman Woman? :D
That fits, she's like a woman squared ;).

So long as Conroy/Hamill are onboard it's all good. I thought JM's Lex was one of the better aspects of 'Superman: Doomsday' and AB's Superman was at least an interesting departure (it's still Daly for me though). Gina played bad so brilliantly as Superwoman it'll be cool to see what she can do as WW. Plus, 100% more Michelle Forbes equals win. It's a law.

I may be in danger of finally breaking my MMORPG duck. Fare thee well life outside.
Gina Torres is Woman Woman? :D

My mental proof reading is not what it was :(.
I dunno, your mental proofreading is probably perfect ;).
Well at least I didn't use my menthol proofreading ;). Though I still get shudders from saying "Tom Venk's new short film now online" back long ago. I've never played a MMORG though does Farmtown count? But DC Universe Online wouldn't tempt me. The only thing that might tempt me is the KOTOR game cause I loved the Xbox games so much.
Makes sense since Superman and Buffy are technically in the same universe anyway.

(And that was even prior to Fallen Angel: Reborn.)
I so hope this is well-receive and is a good game. I've followed several MMO's over the years through development and they all seem promising only to see that they fail in many big areas. I'm gunning for this one badly, and out of this lot? I'm just happy that Bats and The Joker are in good hands.

I haven't heard JM as Lex, so that should be interesting. I've got his voice in my head now. With Michael Rosenbaum's delivery, of course.
This means that Gina Torres has been Vixen, Superwoman, and Wonder Woman all in recent years. Oh my.

And -- same universe? I know about Fallen Angel: Reborn, but prior to that? What?
Once again, the six degrees of Buffy theory, no matter what, an alum, even if a minor one, of the Whedonverse, will appear in anything you see...often in multiples. (example: a movie called The Thirst, sported THREE alum. Tom Lenk, Adam Baldwin, and Clare Kramer, also, tv series, NOT WHEDON RELATED, will have multiple alums appear thru out their run, examples: supernatural, Bones)

Kevin Bacon has nothing on Joss Whedon. lol

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