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July 21 2010

Buffy: Season 8 Motion Comic Blu Ray / DVD combo pack up for Pre-Order at Amazon. Artwork included, no release date yet.

oooooh....i sense a depletion of cash in my future....
Um...I hope that's not the real cover......
I might get this, if it resembles the 1-7 season sets. I want it to go along nicely with them. -nods-
Ooh, I didn't think they would do Blu-Ray. Pre-order imminent.
I think that may be placeholder artwork.
How long is one episode?
The first one was 10 minutes. Depending on how many issues are adapted the dvd/br price may come out cheaper than Itunes, yeah??

I hope they come up with some kind of bonus material like maybe a making of featurette.

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What's a motion comic?
ZodKneelsFirst, I think you have some some reading to do.

Also, eddy, Fizz one one of them threads said this:

If they're starting out with 19 episodes, the whole first season should cost 35.91 with a season pass. If each episode clocks in at around 10 minutes like this one, there should be a total of a bit over 3 hours. I would think that a DVD with around 3 hours content wouldn't cost that much. I would think they wouldn't charge more than 20-25 for the DVD.

Obviously, I don't know how many episodes there are on this DVD, and that doesn't take into account it'll be a BD/DVD combo (which is... weird), but, yeah - it might be slightly cheaper.
I WILL be buying this.
i WANT to buy this.
I saw this yesterday and got sooooo excited. Yay! Buffy FINALLY on Blu-ray! Ok, so not EXACTLY what I pictured, but still...PRETTY AWESOME! What are the odds that if this sales well Fox will be inspired to release the rest of the series on Blu-ray as well? Keeping fingers crossed! Can't wait to get this!
That doesn't really help Jaymii.

Firstly it's USA only, and even if it wasn't I'd have to sign up to itunes which isn't gonna happen.

Can't someone just tell me?
If you have Quicktime, you can watch the trailer at the Dark Horse site.

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