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July 21 2010

Preview of Jed Whedon's album due out August 10, 2010. Title of the album is "History of Forgotten Things". 3-song preview, including "Drones".

Anyone else reminded of "The Legend of Zelda" theme on the NES at the beginning of Drones?
AWESOME! I have been waiting so long for Drones.
Yessss. Tell me Maurissa guests a lot on this album, too. These two are the coolest thing since anything. I think they should start a band.

Though I guess if he has a band and she sometimes joins, it's pretty much the same thing.
I love his style. I'll be purchasing this.
jed is mad! this is awesome! drones is awesome! mad
Totally my kinda music. Will be owning come August 10th.

Once again a Whedon reminds me why I have no talent. Cause they have it all. ;)

I'm trying to decide on the proper exclamation of jubilation: awesome, woot, or full-on squee?

My only complaint is that I can't give Jed Whedon my money now.

Who came up with this August 10th business?? We should have that person killed and then fired... No, wait, that's ridiculous. Have them fired and then killed; that way they can fully experience the firing first.

Seriously though, August 10th can't come fast enough.
I love "Drones" (Dollhouse anyone?), but the other two are fantastic as well!

"Tricks on Me" is so sweetly beautiful. It would make me wake up with a smile every morning. :)

"One for the Ages" is an awesome driving song. Like you're cruising though traffic and your head is elsewhere. And for some reason reminds me of the 80s. Why is that?

These will be MINE on August 10th!
What a talented musician, I'm really enjoying his style. Particularly liking Tricks on Me and of course, Drones is just plain awesome.
Love it! It reminds me a lot of The Perishers' "Victorious" album (which is awesome & a bit more up beat than previous albums (which are also awesome)). Will most definitely purchase come August 10th.

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Drones is stunningly beautiful.
Xantastic1316 said:

I'm trying to decide on the proper exclamation of jubilation: awesome, woot, or full-on squee?

Obviously, it's "Double Rainbow!" All the way. :)
Is there anyway we can siphon off the talent gene out of the Whedon clan and sell it on the black market?

I will most likely be buying this. One For The Ages is pretty catchy.
Excellent - I'll be getting this album.
These songs are awesome. I'm définitely buying this record when it's released. Drones is as good as I hoped it would be, and I'm really into One For The Ages too. HOW is everyone in that family so ridiculously talented, seriously?

How could I forget DRATW? That's definitely the appropriate one here.
Me likey. Will be getting this.
Faboosh. Jed's mad talented -- I bought and enjoyed Influence of Geography and will definitely be buying this album upon its release.
Love it! So my kind of music. Damn, I want to be in the Whedon family. They're all so talented!
Wow - now I have an even BIGGER crush on Jed Whedon. He's adorkable and so talented. Can't wait for this album.
Kungfubear, it is definitely DRATW.

I cannot wait to have this, and this might be very greedy, but I want a Mo-T album as well. "Remains" was superb.
Has anyone listened to his Suspension soundtrack?
@Simon, I have. Not bad at all, but it is raw. You can tell there are budgetary restraints and a slight lack of resources. Still, there are a couple of melodies that have a "Drones"/"Remains" quality. What I need to do is watch the actual film and see how the music plays in context.
Thanks for that.
If you like this and haven't heard his Influence of Geography CD yet, you owe it to yourself to buy it. Now.
Agreed. There's a great cover of "I Only Have Eyes For You", the song heard in the Buffy episode of the same name. :)
"Tricks on Me" is so sweetly beautiful.

Really is. It'd sound totally at home on something like "Away We Go" (which pretty much came and went last year but deserved more IMO).

Not bad at all, think I prefer his lyrics to the music for the most part but I may well check it out.
Watch out Joss. Jed is creeping up on you in my "creative men I must adore" list.

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