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July 21 2010

Buffy Season 8 soda to be given away at Comic-Con. has a preview of two of the flavours, "Dawn's a Centaur! Root Beer" and "Giles' Grape Potion". And FEARnet has the "Willow's Green Apple Witch's Brew" flavour. We've got the Xander's Strawberry Lime Elixir flavour. And ShockTillYouDrop has the Twilight's Old Moon Orange & Cream pic. And the bottles will be available for ordering at this myJones webpage.

There's six in total.

I really hope Jones will do like the Dungeons and Dragons ones and sell them on their site.

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Oh, I love it. And that's not sarcasm by the way I actually think it's hilarious and brilliant. Whoever thought it up is a genius.
These actually look really cool. :)
Our newest flavor, Twangel Twist!
Gotta admit - they do look kinda cool.

I couldn't tell if they had any flavors besides "Dawn's a Centaur! Root Beer" and "Giles' Grape Potion". I might be missing something - it's likely - but I couldn't find these product(s) at all at the company's website and using their search for "buffy" yield me nyet, nada, zilch. :(

I'd love, I dunno, a Willow Wasabi or a Buffy Blood Orange.
Some person from a PR company said they'll send us another flavour image so I'll add that to the entry if and when we get it.
I wish I could get them, but even if they put them up on the website, it seems like they only ship to the US and some parts of Canada.
I guess they might turn up on eBay? And I added the Willow link to the entry.
The WIllow one is really fun. Wonder which are the others. And according to Fearnet entry does mention it going into sale on the website sometime today. Not that I'd be able to buy it, but wish I could.
Reading this made me think of the wonderful Tentacle Grape soda. I so wish I was going. I'd collect some of them.
The soda thing is a fun idea.
I want twelve...six to drink and six to keep on a shelf somewhere. The fearnet article says they'll be on the website, but I haven't been able to find them yet...
At first I thought this was really cool, but then I's not that hard to take off the label on a bottle of soda and print one out on your computer and stick it on instead...
"So are these canon?"
"No, they're on bottles."
Buffy soda? WTF?

You know, I have a bottle of Tru Blood soda but that ties in with the show.

Buffy soda is just ... commercialism at this point.


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Buffy soda is just ... commercialism at this point.

Well as much as I like to give 20th Century Fox flak for their pisspoor efforts in dealing with the Buffy franchise, I will give them credit for this neat PR idea to promote the motion comics.
I'd have been more impressed if they'd come out with something like this before the True Blood beverage. Doing it now just smacks of ... imitation and that's me putting it nicely.
I'd never heard of the True Blood thing so that effort passed me by completely.
I'm not too worried about "imitation" or being the first to do something. I'm totally happy to buy into any Buffy related PR scheme...more cool Buffy stuff on the shelves please!
I don't see it as imitation at all (if you want to talk about who came first.. Buffy came before the True Blood show and the Sookie Stackhouse novels.. so if anything the Tru Blood show is pure imitation). Selling Tru Blood in a bottle is commercialism too. But I'm not here to argue.. Jones Soda has been doing exclusive themed bottles for awhile and we should all be happy they are doing a Buffy one for us fans.. not be disappointed. The more Buffy things that are offered to us fans the better. We don't have to buy everything they produce, but we should definitely encourage collectible items. I'm hoping Jones puts it on their website, I'm ready to buy a pack.

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Fun, but a bit tacky. I feel that the bottles would look more appealing If they'd used Chen's art instead of Jeantys. Would have looked classier too.
I was thinking the same thing least for the Dawn rootbeer, I would have expected to see that amazing Chen cover for issue 18.
If they were trying to promote the comic books perhaps, but it is an effort to promote the motion comics (which despite the lack of PR seems to be doing quite well on the iTunes charts).
Still not up on the Jones website.. but I'm really hoping for variety packs. I'll get killed if I purchase six twelve-packs of Buffy Jones soda. One twelve-pack with two of each flavor would be awesome.
We got the Xander pic, so that's Buffy and X left to go?
How about some Fruit Punch Mouth?
The first thought that came to mind besides "Do Not Want Centaur Soda" was that strawberry is Willow's flavor.

Oh hey, look, they used the art of Dawn cupping her naked breasts. Because whenever a woman goes topless, let's put it on every cover and commerical image available (I've lost count now, but are we at a baker's dozen yet?). Stay classy, Season 8!

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Wow, that so cool. Yet another reason for me to wish I was actually attending Comic-Con. :(
The MyJones site hasn't officially put the bottles on sale yet but the 6 pack can be be found here:

I'll add the link to this entry once they've put the bottles on sale later today.
Ah, Emmie. Good to see your glass is half-full. (Though apparently not half-full of Buffy soda.) Everyone knows there have to be a certain amount of topless women selling things or the economy could go under. I mean, if we can't sell things with sex then we'd have to sell them on their actual merit or some silly thing...what kind of world would that be?

I'm still holding out for Twuffel Sex Cola...
Jones Soda has always impressed me with their packaging, and now with Buffy and the Scoobies gracing the labels, I think I'm going to have to order a 12-pack. They kind of remind me of the Buffy candy bars. Anybody else remember them?
I Love it! I have been checking the site too, but nothing yet... I would love to buy these!....You have fruit punch mouth....HA- love it! Props to Whedonesque members for posting some shiny stuff today! It's made my day!
How long do you think it will take before these run out? Because even if I can get someone in the US to buy these, and then ship them to Sweden, I don't have money until September or October.

What kind of packaging do these sodas usually come in?
Twilight's Old Moon Orange & Cream

I could handle the mooning in #34, but... Ewww.
These are great.
I must own das bubbly awesomeness!
I remember back in the day when I didn't watch Buffy but they were shilling Barqs as a tie-in to the season 3 Christmas episode...

But yay hometown company pride! I sort of wished they'd gone with some of the weirder special flavors they've come up with like the Thanksgiving ones.

But yeah, Jones Soda normally has monochrome labels of drinker submitted photos of anything interesting. (architecture, friends, flowers, etc. You can also custom order labels I seem to remember?)
Yep, it's possible to custom order. Was kind of cheap too. Damn non-international shipping.
Actually the Buffy Barqs thing was early season 4.

Here's one of the old commercials.
I totally want to order these! I want to serve them to the guest in my home, and confirm in their minds how weird I am!
I'll echo whoever thought they were a bit tacky, but in an odd way they're fun too. I think I'm just not used to seeing Buffy commercialized this way. I mean, there was never Buffy cereal or Buffy toothpaste or anything like that (not that I know of - please don't burst my bubble ... :=]).
I remember Buffy suckers. I even had the container, although I tossed it years later. Dumb move.
GhostsWatcher, I have both the large and the smaller container of Buffy suckers. And I'm pretty sure I have some Buffy chocolate bars in a freezer somewhere. At one point someone told me they thought I wasn't really a fan of the show but was using it as an outlet for my obsessive behaviour. I think frozen chocolate bars shows them how wrong they were. Right? And I have every intention of getting my hands on this soda too. Because I actually love Jones soda (it's the only soda I drink) and now it is Buffy awesome too!
ninjapigeon, I'd say you qualify as a huge Buffy fan if you have Buffy chocolate bars. I don't remember those at all. The suckers are vanilla and chocolate right? I remember them not tasting very good.
These are on sale now! shipping is insane.

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