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"Are there any friends of yours left you haven't tried to kill?"
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July 22 2010

J.J. Abrams talks about today's Whedon/Abrams panel at Comic-Con. "I'm thrilled to hear what he [Joss] has to say. I have no idea what the panel's going to entail, but I was very flattered to be asked to be a part of it". And Doc Jensen previews the panel over at

I love them both. SFM. JJ first, because I fell madly in love with Alias and Victor Garber, and then got into BSG because of the Jack/Irina fans and then sort of followed Helo to Dollhouse. I've been a casual viewer of Angel, and Dollhouse has really been the show that got me immersed in Whedonverse. (although I saw the finale of Angel, and even though I was just a casual viewer, I wept like a baby. Because. Wesley T-T) /rambling

"But we've gone to dinner and we're very friendly. I guess because of our schedules we don't see each other too often, but he's always been a friend."


Also, their pics in the article look like they're matinee idols or something. I approve.
Earlier on, I was sitting here in my house in England, working out for a while working out how many hours left till the show, then realised its not like its going to be streamed and probably not anyone's priorty to get it onto YouTube straight away. Sucks.
Well it'll be posted on YouTube eventually, I'm sure.
Didn't even realise this was happening so soon (sorry, Comic-Con isn't on my radar, except for Whedony news.)

Hope for some thorough recaps of the event afterwards, if not a video.

Anyone from here going to be there?
I wish!
Can't wait to hear what comes out of this.

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