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July 22 2010

Caprica Season 1 to return with new episodes January, 2011. Syfy confirms that Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg (and, presumably, James Marsters) are back in the saddle. SciFiNow suggests 5 ways to improve it.

Gah. That's too long to wait for the second half of a season. What is up with that?
Yeah I thought it was supposed to resume in september... this seems like a bad sign for the series. This is too similar to the end of Dollhouse season 2 for my liking.
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Actually, aroomacanvas, BSG had long breaks in the middle of some of their seasons. I see it as an opportunity to market the show. Release the 1.0 DVD, air repeats, and get more viewers for the 1.5 premiere.
Yeah, this is basically how they aired BSG as well. I don't know why SyFy stretches things out like this. I watched the Caprica pilot a year ago and now I'll have to wait another year for the finale. So basically they are taking three years to show a pilot and one season. >.<
Though am I wrong in thinking that the Caprica pilot was made to stand on its own in case the series didn't get picked up? In which case it would be more akin to the BSG miniseries than to the first episode of the first season.

But I might just be pulling that out of my... brain.
I wonder if there will be a Season 2 now. It just seems like Season 1 has been not going on forever.
Was it returning in September just an assumption or had SyFy actually announced that it would be back then? If it is the later, then it not coming back until next year doesn't sound too good for its chances of continuing. It has been so long, they might as well just call it season 2 rather than season 1.5.

Those SciFiNow suggests to improve the show became fairly horrid after some good initial points. More James Marsters is always a good thing and the title sequence is pretty cheesy, but after that they seemed to just be saying they wanted more space battles/action. Don't really see why sci-fi can't just be sci-fi instead of action sci-fi. Having said that, Caprica actually had much more action in it then I was expecting from the early talks about the setting.
Pretty sure I saw an official September return date around when the first half ended. Maybe I was getting that unreliably second hand though, I don't recall the source.
Took them long enough! Sadly, I think this is one of the smartest shows on TV right now, so things are going as expected.
Yeah, it looks like to save the show from cancellation they need to make it pretty unwatchable for me. I enjoyed the slow lyrical pace of the show and deep psychological undercurrents, but I can totally see how it would result in low ratings.
I've added your other Caprica entry to this one. The front page is going very hectic in the next few days so similar entries may get merged accordingly.

Fair enough. Should've thought of that myself.
I love the show. Surprisingly I like the Graystone story arc a whole lot more than the Adama one. Amanda Graystone in particular is the show's biggest strength. I'm going to be optimistic that this huge gap doesn't imply any thing bad about the prospect for a second season.

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I only started watching because of James Marsters, so YES more of him would be great. As far as credits go why not just show them as the story plays out, like Lost or The Vampire Diaries, I just FF thru them anyway. Does anyone really watch them more than once? Make the plot move faster, right now it is like watching paint dry and if not for #1 I would not even be watching. Take a look at The Vampire Diaries, they pack more into one ep than Caprica does in a month.

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