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July 22 2010

The Rise of the TV Nerd. Includes a snapshot of everyone's favorite red-headed witch.

Oh - that red-headed witch! I was expecting this one for some reason.

ETA: Simon Helberg's in there as well.

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All the nerds from 'Big Bang Theory' are in there which may be slight overkill (particularly since they're fairly old-fashioned TV nerds in that they're quite often the butt of the joke rather than the new fangled type of TV nerd who's often the hero - Chuck etc.).

And it's true, red hair means you've the devil in you, everyone knows that (though opinion's still split on the congress with the beast issue - it's possible you've just been beast adjacent for instance, you may have been entirely platonic with the beast, maybe the beast doesn't see you in that way).

Apropos of nothing BTW, college Willow has my favourite Willow hair. It seemed important that the world knew that.
I like S-1/7 length with S-2-5 color. It plays abig part in the description in my fic "Old Marrieds" describign their very long repsectively red and ash-blonde hair "rising like in Firestarter" Until they statr spinning too fast to tell those colors from each other or flesh.
Is Ugly Betty really a nerd? She isn't into computers, she isn't good at science or math, and I've never heard about her reading any comic books. Exactly what definition of 'nerd' are we using? Or does just wearing glasses qualify you?
The definition's become much broader recently as it has for 'geek' (though in fairness, from what I understand Betty is shy and socially awkward and - supposedly - physically unattractive. She's also really, really into fashion etc. right ? So she may qualify if you squint a bit though that's all from the position of not having seen a complete episode so pinch of salt etc.). A lot of people now self-describe as geeky where previously they'd just have been, I dunno, really big fans of something. You see it a lot on here in fact with e.g. BtVS - folk who aren't into maths, science, computers, comics, technology or even necessarily sci-fi* but are really into Buffy (and/or other genre/cult TV/books etc.) consider themselves geeks. It's become something of an umbrella term for "slightly obsessive".

'Nerd' still has more negative connotations so you don't get as many "normal" people self-identifying that way.

* or biting the heads off live chickens for that matter ;)
For computer geeks wouldn't it be biting the heads off robot chickens?
Only if you have the Cyber-Teeth™ upgrade, otherwise, bad idea.
So... where do we stand on the possession status of "converted" redheads and their possible consortion with the devil? What exactly would this mean for Alyson Hannigan and Gillian Anderson? (If Miss Clairol has been pushing possession by bottle all these years...Wolfram and Hart has been busier than we knew.) And if you lose the dye, is this emblematic of being exorcised--or just being in denial? (I have a vested interest in these answers.)

Hmm, I guess we'll have to give Felica Day up for loss, though. No escape for her. Or maybe we should just congratulate her because she has a mighty backer... It might explain her Queen of All Internet status. (I say we congratulate her--I wouldn't want to be denied all access to the internet. That's got to be one of the Circles of Hell ver. 6.66.) But if she dyes her hair...blond say...(Heaven forbid!) is she just keeping her possession status undercover or is it a deal breaker?
Deal breaker ! [/Lemonosity]

Well, the beast has a very keen eye for roots so "converts" are probably safe though if you've recently redone it you may want to practice the whole "You're more like a brother to me" speech and stick to beast adjacency. Re: devilry, I think it's purely the colour that invites in the Lord of the Flies so dyed or natural, within ye is a charred kernel of evil, like a peach pit of unholy corruption (usually it's just to the left of the pancreas and can be removed in a simple out-patient procedure).
I'll bet my health insurance doesn't cover kernel removal, as it probably isn't considered life threatening and most likely wouldn't even show up on the MRI. (Tricky bugger, is Old Scratch.) The way I understand it, this sort of...umm... "disability" tends to take effect only after the health insurance is no longer an issue. I'm screwed. I might as well go and find me a Sabbath and some spare babies.

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