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"He has a disease, if you recall.. an inexplicably adverse reaction to being shot at."
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July 22 2010

The Joss Whedon/J.J. Abrams Visionaries Comic Con panel starts soon. If you're at the Entertainment Weekly event, why not post about it in the comments section? And if you're not at it and find some relevant coverage, why not post about that in the comments section?

Apparently Buffyfest will be live blogging and no doubt people will be tweeting left, right and centre. Course that depends on the network coverage in the hall.

Yessss. Not leaving Whedonesque for the next hour. Unless I'm on Twitter, I guess.
Newsarama live thing might start working soon too.
Ausiello posted a photo of himself and Joss.
Hmm, when was the last time Joss was beardless? Could this be a permanent shift? I know for a while he would sometimes get beardy in the middle of projects, but I seem to recall in more peaceful times his face was nakeder. I like the beard, though. I've grown accustomed to it.
He was beardless when shooting Glee. I prefer beardless on any man, including myself.
I'm watching the Newsarama thing now - there's a few updates.
So far Joss has said he & JJ don't get a lot of time to hang out anymore & he always wanted to be a storyteller, that he had universes in his head and he didn't study writing.

And "the Avengers directing job is not an official thing from Marvel but he's making it official RIGHT NOW."

ETF: typos.

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Annnnd Avengers is official. I mean, we all knew it, but he just said it was official, apparently.

So now we can post every unsourced rumor that we come across about the movie, yeah?

EDIT: Damn, QG. Maybe I'll go back and edit my beard post and beat you to the scoop once and for all.

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Comic Book Resources is also blogging from the panel.
"Whedon says the Avengers directing job is not an official thing from Marvel but he's making it official RIGHT NOW"

from Newsarama

Oh wow. Joss says he's outlining the movie still. So I guess he's doing a from-the-ground-up script, rather than just a polish or anything like that.
Also for people not on twitter, you should check WHedonesque twitter feed. Zeitgeist is livetweeting from that account.
Clickable link to make your life easier:

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Oh my god, I wished i could be there. I saw a photo of them together and it was sorta awesome. I'm like freaking out right now and reading everything I can.
Well, this is exciting: "Jensen is trying to get Avengers details from Whedon but he says he's still writing an outline."

So Joss is not only working on the script, he must be writing a whole new script for the movie, rather than just fixing up the existing one.
Thanks for the heads up, Numfar. Led me to this hilarious quote: "I do have an Alien egg but I did have to bury the franchise in order to get it." -Joss
EDIT: Damn, QG. Maybe I'll go back and edit my beard post and beat you to the scoop once and for all.

Oh, I had it. ; > all I edited was some double Joss/Whedon references I had typed.
The whole re-working of the script, might be what those meeting with Edgar Wright were all about.
Cabin in the Woods is going to be in 3G? Awesome! ;)
Interestingly, Joss doesn't want Cabin to be made 3D according to Newsarama.

Not that surprised given that he didn't shoot it with 3D in mind
I'm not sure if I've got this absolutely right. Cabin in the Woods is completed but with release put on hold due to MGM financial problems? So there's a finished movie somewhere on a shelf?
Re: Dr. Horrible: "I definitely feel like I've missed my window a bit. After Dr. Horrible, I was waiting for everyone to show up to the party." -Joss Interesting. So maybe no more net stuff for a while, or...? I dunno how to interpret that.

EDIT: Oh maybe not. Looks like he was gonna work with Warren Ellis on a web series called Wastelanders until Avengers happened.

EDIT2: OH but it sounds like it could still happen. Warren Ellis (via Joss): 'I'll just wait then.'

[ edited by Jobo on 2010-07-23 00:06 ]
Yea, Jobo, I'm confused by that statement too. I don't understand what he means by 'missed my window'.

Though, like you, glad to see it doesn't mean no more web content.
Aww. I'm looking forward to Avengers but an original web thingy with Warren Ellis would probably hit my excitement button harder.
I'm not all too excited about 'The Avengers' (but appreciate that many of you, and Joss are, therefore I am outnumbered), however it stings a little to know that an original project "Wastelanders" was scuppered in place of it.
This is probably naive, but who is Warren Ellis?
A comic writer, the one who took over Astonishing after Joss (among other works, of course).
IMO, zeitgeist as @whedonesque on twitter has the edge on newsarama - he's a little more thorough - with more color.
I agree, although they do seem to complement each other pretty nicely. We get the good quotes from zeitgeist, and then Newsarama gives sort of the overall summary of what they pertained to.

EDIT: in a world where Jobo knows what words mean...

[ edited by Jobo on 2010-07-23 00:11 ]
Not surprised companies didn't follow suit, and Buffy Season 8 Motion Comics thing was just the latest (and closest to home) example of companies going the easy road, and also going through loopholes.
Yay! Joss says he has a more cable tv mentality. I'm sure I thought he knew that, but - it's GOOD to hear it from him.

Yeah, Jobo for sure. I'm keeping a bunch o' windows open. I'm just proud of Our Zeitgeist. ; >
Is Zeitgeist on speed? That's some serious tweeting.
Thanks Jobo

QG - I'm also really enjoying zeitgeist's colourful quotes, but because I'm getting it via the whedonesque twitter webpage, there's a lag (nothing for a couple of minutes then 5 tweets all at once!) which doesn't happen with the Newsarama site, so for me they are both complimenting each other. :)

Or what Jobo said. I am not of the fast enough typing!

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Per Newsarama: "Whedon says you remember Jack and Diane from Cheers not random jokes from episodes here and there. Progression is what it's all about."

I don't remember anything from Cheers and that's a good thing, IMO. ; > But I remember all the random jokes from all of Joss' shows. That's not all I remember, but I do remember them.
Audience time. Please jesus no iPod questions.
Please no dance of joy request.
Yep, I sometimes wish they just kept it to the moderator instead of the fans - although there can be some brilliant fan questions there is often a lot of less interesting ones too, IMO.
Who are Jack and Diane?
No second drafts, indeed. I know how he feels. Of course, my first drafts could probably use second drafts, but, well... ;)
Man, "hearing" Joss talk this way is like coming home, for me. I've missed his voice.
Yeah, it didn't occur to me until yesterday, QG, that I haven't heard anything Jossy in a long time. Even just stuff made by him, y'know? Dollhouse was over in February, followed by Turbulence. And then nothin'. Unless I've forgotten something.
Google indicates that Jack & Diane is a John Mellencamp song. Fascinating, Captain.
>>"Who are Jack and Diane?">>

Two American kids growin' up in the heartland.
Yes, second QG's sentiments. When was the last time we were graced with purple prose. Glad that the silence is broken, and now we can Oficially speak about projects like The Avengers, or just the random line he might speak.

Can't wait to watch YT videos that people will upload for this panel.
Can we get some of these gems added to the quotes at the top?

"There was no home video when I was a lad and hamburgers were a nickel!" -Joss
Ah, sigh, all over. Zeitgeist was awesome with the tweets.
Thanks for the live tweeting, zeitgeist!
Yes, many thanks to zeitgeist for his great work!
Indeed, thanks.
Boo hoo. That went by so damn fast. :(

Musn't whinge, though. There's still The Joss Whedon Experience to live through vicariously.

Pleasure to share this with you, my fellow citizens of Whedonia.

And zeitgeist both rocks and rules.
Maybe a slightly dissapointing panel for me, in terms of new developments. We already knew Joss was directing The Avengers, the Dr Horrible sequel remains in flux as does The Cabin in the Woods and...thats about it.

I suppose I just wish there had been something new to talk about from a personal perspective. Comics do nothing for me and as I've stated above, I'm not excited about The Avengers simply because I'm far more interested in Joss's original creations. He has such an exciting mind, that adapting someone elses story just seems...a waste.

Even hearing news about something such as "The Serving Girl" would have been brilliant.
I'm guessing we'll hear a little more at Joss's personal panel--keep in mind that I doubt he wanted to hog the spotlight he was supposed to be sharing with Abrams.

Of course, given how full his hands must be with Avengers, it's also quite likely there's not too much for him to announce either.
That was fun. Thanks zeitgeist!
Hi! We have the entire Joss and JJ panel recorded on tripod from the press section. Will post the video shortly!

It was awesome.
I was thinking the same thing re nice to here Joss's voice again, QG - and also was thinking of your graph, which I like more than mine.

That did go by too quickly - really appreciated zeitgeist's amazing speed tweets.

I thought it interesting that on a few key things (e.g. 3D, film school) Joss and J.J. disagreed with each other (and I like that they felt they could do so), and that they seemed to respect each other's work a lot.
Joss has a personal panel? Gosh, things just pass me by sometimes. I was aware of the two of them together, but not an individual one.

Pray tell the ignorant among us when this commences.
I thought it interesting that on a few key things (e.g. 3D, film school) Joss and J.J. disagreed with each other (and I like that they felt they could do so)

Haha, yeah, I for one was glad Joss came down on the side of film school. I hope it's worth it, anyway :p And the Joss panel is tomorrow at 3:00 PST.
Reviewing the Newsarama coverage, it does seem that Joss did steal the spotlight a bit.
I was surprised that JJ barely got to talk about Super 8, Undercovers and Star Trek 2 isn't even covered at all (are any of these projects getting a panel of it's own?), Fringe isn't mentioned at all.
Jobo I take it your going to film school from your comment? In which case - cool!

While reading the Newsarama panel it seemed pretty balanced between them to me, Numfar PTB, I'll be interested to see how it comes across when Buffyfest posts their video of the panel - which, by the way, sounds like it will be absolutely Awesome!
My uninformed guess would be that Joss saved some tidbits for The Joss Whedon Experience (tomorrow, Friday, Apocalypse, at 3:00p US Pacific Daylight Time). ETA: Or, like what Jobo done said. ; >

Looking forward to buffyfest's video - they've already posted a good start on what looks to be almost transcription-level coverage. Neat.

With coverage this good, it is almost like being there - with half the excitement of being there, but happily none of the crowd-stank and the mindboggling, back-breaking lines.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2010-07-23 01:03 ]
Wow, thanks zeitgeist, I read a lot of the live-blogging and yours was easily the best. :D

As for the panel? It was, probably, better than I expected. I wish we got more banter between Joss and JJ (i.e. the second drafts) and I imagine there is some more of that once a video turns up. Confirmation made me giddy. The TV landscape stuff was already known, but again, it was what I expected. Fun times.
Yes to film school, agreed about the awesomeness that will be this upcoming video.

And Jaymii, I'm guessing there was a good bit of unrecorded banter based on the incomplete transcript from QG. A little thing about magic nerds vs. comic nerds, for example.
As buffyfantic already posted, CBR's coverage is in the following link:

The piece is better structured now, almost in transcript style.
It's just occurred to me, in the Dollhouse cancellation thread, Joss mentioned that we will know something about his next project in February. And we never did. That must have been Wastelanders.
Maybe a slightly dissapointing panel for me, in terms of new developments. We already knew Joss was directing The Avengers, the Dr Horrible sequel remains in flux as does The Cabin in the Woods and...thats about it.

Yeah, I'd say the prospect of a (live-action?) web series produced by Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis - I'm assuming based on this (notice the first endorsement) - is certainly something to ponder.

ETA: From a CBR interview with Antony Johnston dated from late April:
You're also responsible for the excellent Wasteland series. Would you like to see a movie adaptation and are there any plans for one?
I donít believe there are any plans at the moment, no, but weíre always open to offers...! Of course Iíd love to see a movie of Wasteland, if only for the increased attention it would bring to the comic itself, but itís not exactly the easiest series to condense down to movie length. Maybe when the book is finished, someone will come up with a way to compress it all into a couple of hours, but itís not something I think about too much..

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In case some folks have missed it, here's the link to theonetruebix's very thorough schedule of ComicCon 2010 Whedon'verse-related events, both on and off-campus.

No stone was left unturned. ; >

Which reminds me, looking forward to his ComicCon photos. Here's his shot of last night's Whedonesque-y dinner.

(Ooooh, and look! someone's random Ron Moore sighting.)
He's writing the Avengers script as well? That seems like big news. It's nice to finally have a name for the internet project anyway. Sad it's probably a backburner thing now though.
We knew he was at least doing a pass of the script, Sunfire. But yeah, it is newsy that he's doing it from outline up.
A pass on a script in progress was my impression before. This reads like a full rewrite of his own though.
Links to coverage from a deleted thread:



Hollywood Reporter
Sunfire, since you're the online mod, right now.

Instead of putting these link on the comments section, can you edit Simon's post, so the coverage links would appear as part of the main entry. Kinda like what Simon did with the Soda thread?

It'll make them easier to be spotted, and reduce the amount of people posting articles that are simply coverage of the panel as new threads.

ETA: There's EW Doc Jensen own update on With video of the moment Joss makes The Avengers official (And Joss mentions George Perez, who I'm a huge fan of).

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2010-07-23 03:03 ]
I've done a new roundup entry to soak all the coverage.
Zeitgeist man, you're a LEGEND ! I mean, we all knew that already but now the legend grows ;). Fingers of Awesome.

I'm assuming based on this (notice the first endorsement) - is certainly something to ponder.

Not sure about that brinderwalt. Why would Warren Ellis be writing an adaptation of someone else's comic ? Unless it's just set in that universe maybe ?

We have the entire Joss and JJ panel recorded on tripod from the press section. Will post the video shortly!

That'd be extremely cool buffyfest. Pretty sure that's worth about +4 internets and as everyone knows, with 4 internets and only $1 you can buy a cup of tea ;). Except at Starbucks.
Woah well, I guess I was in bed while all this was happening...can never remember the time differences. Interesting news (thanks for the tweets Zeitgeist!), I'm especially happy that Joss is doing writing for the Avengers as well, if only he could take the helm of the upcoming Runaways movie too, I'm pretty worried about what Disney will do to that.

All it all though it wasn't the most informative of panels, I guess panels never are, I always hope for more in depth questions and not stuff you can get from press releases. It would be good if they could have fans submit their questions before the panel and then pick the most interesting ones to have people ask.

Excited (from afar) about the Joss Whedon Experience!
Thanks to everyone for the live blogging, super-tweeting and can't wait for the video from Buffyfest.
Has anyone ever crashed YouTube? :_)
Speaking of Warren Ellis, it was lovely to see the Joss Whedon intro from 2001 included in the new Absolute Plantetary Vol 2. I would love to see what those two come up wth.
And speaking of Planety, why the goodness to heck is "Spacetime Archaeology" taking 8 [frikkin'] months to come out in paperback ? The only logical conclusion is that Warren Ellis has set out on some path of crazed vengeance to personally destroy me and all I stand for i.e. he knows that i've got the first 3 trades in paperback and am therefore unwilling to buy the last one in hardback.
Joss Whedon JJ Abrams Visionaries Comic-Con 2010 Part 1
Sam and Diane.

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