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July 22 2010

It's finally official. Joss is directing The Avengers.

Really? I had no idea ;)
FINALLY it's official! Best news EVER. Anyone know who wrote/is writing it? I suspect we know who will be "tweeking" the writing, yes?
And writing an outline. Which means structuring the story. Which means joy.
About time, and yahoo!
AWE.SOME. I can finally uncross my toes.
Wa-HOO! (That's a direct quote. :) )

*spinning giddily*
Yay!! Now let's get Dushku in there and we'll be all set. lol
Pretty stoked for this. I think it will be huge. Joss' genius, his name power, and the the already assembled goodness of RDJ and others...well...this movie has no other directing to head toward, besides EPIC!

Hopefully Marvel will give him an Avengers book to write when this is all said and done. Bendis has done very well there - but it's all getting a bit tired. Joss would lived the place up again...give it some vibrancy that Bendis has been missing since' about 3/4 of the way through New Avengers.
Congrats Joss!!! And Jayrock I'm totally with you on that one there needs to be some Dushku in there
Pfffewww! I finally get to use these party hats I bought months ago!

*dons purple party hat*

Anyone else wants a party hat? They're glittery!
I've never been much of a Marvel guy, so I'm not wetting myself with anticipation. I think it'll be a good movie, and better for it because of Joss' involvement. But I'm not doing backflips the way I might have been if he were doing a JLA movie.
Never doubted it for a second. I can say that now and mean it. How great is that?

Also, Arsenal, I would love a purple party hat but sadly I am allergic to glitter (caused by Edward Cullen who was so sparkly I was forced to sneeze on him to make him go away.) Instead I shall have to go in search of a shiny purple hat to celebrate. Perhaps a sombrero to fully express the epicness of it being official. But I thank you for the offer.
This is quite a show of faith on marvels part. Joss hasn't directed any big office hits and this isn't exactly a small low budget production with unknowns this movie is a big deal. Course it will hopefully help prove Joss' worth once and for all to those who don't already know it. And then joss can do more movies and be treated better
My day started out as pure awesome, and has now just moved into the "Freakin' Fantasmagorically Awesome." - seems like today is obviously a good day, for good news, the world over :)

- I'll take a party hat Arsenal!

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I've fallen on some pretty rough times lately, and haven't had a lot to smile about. This news, however, has put a smile on my face that I won't be able to shake for a while.

So I was wrong when I concluded awhile back that Joss wasn't going to direct it.

Apart from that, I agree with what Riker and Ivalaine wrote.
Corinna, Twilight has taken many, many things away from female culture. But now it's taken GLITTER?!? Meyer MUST PAY!
Yes! Thank you for the confirmation! I'm 100% thrilled for this! I'm sorry to hear that CaptainTightpants, things will get better, we have proof now!
I am "officially" thrilled!
I got so used to hearing (reading) the rumors that I thought it was official. This is some major AWESOME!
This movie is gonna be off the charts awesome! If this is hugely successful it could very well lead to more Avengers/Marvel films with Joss' involvement.

Sorry about that - whenever someone uses the 'P' word the old mantra just starts automatically...
Party hats all around! But glitter... no thanks :/
Jesus, where the hell did this come from ? Is there a bit of field to the left of left field ?

Good work Marvel for keeping it under wraps, I mean not so much as a whisper...

Feels like this rudderless fandom is finally starting to get back on course.
Surprised the hell outta me, Saje.
What are they avenging?
Stuff. Personally I hope it's answering your mobile in the cinema.
Didn't they just remake this a couple years ago? Like we need another hot brunette in a catsuit. Wait, maybe if it's Bruce Campbell...
Apparently Ant-Man first called the newly formed group The Avengers because he thought it sounded "dramatic".

In reality Jack Kirby just thought it sounded good.
Woo hooooooooooooo!
Congratulations, My Buddha.
YAY! Another British TV show gets a US makeover! Can't wait!

Isn't he also writing it now? I mean, it was said that he was going to REwrite the script, but now he's saying he's writing an outline, which he wouldn't have to if there already was a script, or am I missing something there?
"What are they avenging?"

This, and the mystery of the Osborne family hair*, are the two Marvel mysteries that have troubled my mind for decades.

*Seriously, what's going on there? Cornrows? Curls? Bad toupees? Crop circles?
Shouldn't MGM trying to move what are left of their PR machine, well now, if there's any chance to get Cabin released, or even it's a good moment to look for possible outsourcing the distribution of the movie. Avengers buzz (now that's official official) will help.

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YAYYYYYY! *dance of joy*
MGM has been a very nearly dead studio since 1986 (and it was starting to have issues in the 1950s!). Toto, I don't think we're in 1939 anymore. Turner owns most of the back-catalog (hence why TCM plays pretty much all MGM movies). Without the back-catalog, there's not much left. It's no wonder that MGM can barely get anything out. It's going to take a lot to get that studio into better shape. 'Cabin' probably shouldn't have been made with a studio whose very existence is tenuous.

It's nice to see Joss directing a high-profile, big-budget movie, though.

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So, Eliza Dushku to play Emma Peel?

**runs and hides**
Wait, Joss is doing what?!

not that's official official

Numfar, I love your way of words :)
It was supposed to be "now that's official official". Ugh typos. (Edited previous comments with correct phrasing)

Anyway, it was mostly official for a lot of people, especially those few weeks ago, when every trade was reporting on that Edward Norton debacle, with agents mentioning meetings with Joss, however no confirmation came from Marvel front (and they have yet to put out some statement themselves, after being very ho-hum and "no comments, we'd be glad to work with Joss" when the early reports about Joss being hired for the job appeared months ago).

That's why, Joss announcement yesterday during the panel, is what made it "Official official".
So you're saying it's not not official official ? Got it.
I know.

Trust me, I shouted towards the ceiling when I read the news as well.
No, Saje, it's not the official not statement of the official statement.

Eh, guys, I'm starting to feel dizzy here.
Shallow response: look how red his hair looks when it's that short!
The link says officially official...the article says straight from Joss's mouth he's "In talks" now we all all know it's very likely it's going to happen with the crew of Thor, Hulk, Captain America all dropping his name...but all Joss said was that he was in talks. Very likely late in talks...but I remember when he was "Officially" doing Wonder Woman. Heh. I remember when he was officially -directing- wonder woman.

This is why mean people can say "Serenity 2" and send Whedonites into a frenzy. It's just too easy, we chomp at the bit.
Best news EVER! :)
Excellent. So, are we saying that Joss Whedon and the Avengers are connected somehow...?

(Sorry, it's obvious, I know, but I couldn't resist.)
Never gets old, WilliamTheB.

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