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July 22 2010

Happy Birthday Charisma Carpenter! Raise a toast, she turns 40 today.

No prophecy-inducing headaches now. ;)

She looks as fabulous as ever, last I saw of her.

Well, happy birthday to her!
She ages like a fine wine, she does! Cuz I would have been hard-pressed to speculate she was approaching the end of her 4th decade of life on this plane ;D
Holy bananas. She's 40?! Thank god for moisturizer, I guess.
Happy Birthday Charisma! Such a lovely person.
Happy birthday, Charisma! Can't wait for The Expendables!
Aww, I wanted to do the "40 and fabulous" consonance.

Have a great day, Ch.C.!
Happy birthday! I just watched her in Legend of the Seeker, Back to You and CSI and enjoyed her in all of them. I'm very much looking forward to seeing her in The Expendables!
Happy birthday, Charisma. You are awesome! :)
Happy Birthday, Charisma Carpenter, and thank you for making 40 fantabulous!
Happy Belated Birthday, Charisma! ♥

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