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July 23 2010

Roundup of the reports from the Joss Whedon/J.J. Abrams Comic-Con panel. Comic Book Resources has a very good write-up as does the Hollywood Reporter,, MTV's Splash Page and Newsarama. Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has an audio recording of the event. There's also this rather cool pic as well.

And a big shout-out to Zeitgeist for his epic tweeting of the panel.

Cheers to Maureen Ryan for the audio recording. Now I just have to find time to listen to it.

Reading the interviews, my big Yes! moment .... Joss, about Dollhouse:
"I clearly had more of a cable mentality than I realized .... I definitely was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole."

Taking that to mean he's through with trying to fit that cable mentality into a broadcast network mind set. Makes me very happy.
The Avengers, Dr. Horrible 2 and Cabin in the Woods. 3 movies to look forward to!
Eagerly awaiting Buffyfest's video of the event.
Disappointed that Dr. Horrible 2 seems to be on hold for the foreseeable future.

Kinda meh about Avengers because I'm not much of a Marvel fan.

I thought Cabin was pushed back so it could be converted into 3D...what gives?

Interesting tidbits on Dollhouse/Fox/WB.

No word on the Buffy Season 8 final arc? That's kinda odd!
No word on the Buffy Season 8 final arc? That's kinda odd!

I would imagine that's being saved for today's solo Joss event. I added the EW Star Portrait pic to the entry as well but I might create a new entry for it seeing as they also include Seth Green and Felicia Day.
All I want to hear from Joss is that the script for #40 is complete and ready to be drawn. I'll flip out if this arc is delayed because of Avengers.
Someday I will go to Comic-Com. Someday...

Until then, thanks for all the links!
A channel devoted entirely to Mutant Enemy and Bad Robot? I Want!!
Thanks for the audio. I really enjoyed this panel.

Joss is the first person I have heard complain about that aspect of The Empire Strikes Back...except me. I laughed. (And not only is there no ending, the next movie was not coming out for 2 years when it first hit theaters! Gr Arg. )
Thanks Fizz for the video link. Look forward to the rest going up.

So, still no word on when Cabin will be released and whether it will be pointy or not. The comments on 3D were quite interesting to me, as someone who has not found anything worthwhile for the viewer in a 3D film. Abrams seemed to be saying the things that I would agree with more, whilst Joss sounded as if he wouldn't be that fussed working in 3D, even though he sees the benefits of it (and, presumably, isn't against his films being made in 3D if the studio requested it.)

One of the things that worries me slightly about the 3D movement in film is the target audience of most of the films being kids. Something I hadn't really taken in until recently was an advert for a Vue cinema outside a entertainment complex in my home town. The picture shows a young girl with her hands covering her eyes and a boy excitingly looking up at the screen through his 3D glasses. The 3D technology is becoming synonymous with going to the cinema for these children. Give it ten years or so and putting on the specs will be linked to the cinema experience as much as buying popcorn.

I did find the crowd reaction to 'Super 8' not being in 3D very interesting though.

As a slight caveat to my complaints on 3D, I did recently see Toy Story 3, which changed my mind slightly on its pointlessness. The film itself was probably the best use of the technology I had seen, although I still don't think it added anything compared to its 2D counterpart, but the opening short was a great demonstration of how to artistically use the medium. Seeing through to the day and night landscapes behind the characters was the first time I had truly felt depth in a 3D film. It really did feel like you were looking through to another world. For a short that could sustain something unique like that, the 3D effect definitely has benefits, but I still don't see it ever being used to good effect through a whole film.

Good to hear official word on The Avengers, less good to hear it sidelining other projects. I'm not a comic book fan (not that I have anything against them, I just haven't read any,) so I can very selfishly say I would rather see him make original projects. The news that Guillermo Del Toro will be making a film based on a Disney ride doesn't help much. Having said that, it is a Joss film, so it is always going to be interesting and, as he mentioned family, we know he will be touching upon themes that have made his other projects great.

I also loved his line "I have an alien egg, but I had to bury the franchise to get it." (Abrams having the tongue from The Exorcist is equally, if not more, cool.)
A couple people have also started posting complete videos on youtube.
Here's from ecsmith34:

And here's from ProGrrl:

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