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July 23 2010

How Buffy Season 8 got turned into motion comics. It's an interview with Jeff Shuter who adapted and produced all 19 episodes of the series.

And there's still no official response to this story.

I found this line from the article, mostly amusing, which does include my feelings towards the lack of response from Fox about that other story:
""My goal is to try and find a happy medium that pleases all kinds of 'Buffy' fans," Shuter said. "And to do justice to the world while keeping the integrity of the books."
"I've converted these 'reading actions' into visual devices employed within 'Buffy' Season 8 to re-create that same experience," he wrote.

So basically, you might as well just read the thing yourself?
No, we just wait to see if it actually happens. Then, we see.
The motion comic is based on the "Season Eight" comic series, which is a canonical continuation of Joss Whedon's cult-hit television series. In short, it's an animated series based on comic books that were based on a live-action television show that was based on a 1992 movie.

"We are adapting from what's been adapted from what's been adapted," he said.

This reads as disingenous to me. There's a difference between the story being continued in different mediums (film to television to comics) and taking material from one medium and altering it. The motion comics are not creating new material (new story, new artwork, new lines) the way the Buffyverse has been adapted in the past, but is lifting the material from the comics and repackaging it with special effects, voice acting and sound effects. The transition from movie to TV show to comic is not the same as Season 8 being made into a motion comic.

Shuter said he thinks the motion comic will help tell the "Buffy" stories to a broader audience.

This is no doubt true.
I still don't understand the point of motion comics. To me it would be like literally filming pages of a novel where the pages turn themselves and think you're being creative. Just go all out and animate the whole thing without "plagiarizing" what's already been done.

This will be one Buffy project that I'm choosing not to have in my collection.
Ditto @didifallasleep. I feel like they should be pushing the TBPs of the Season 8 comics, and maybe start allowing pre-orders for a massive collection of all of Season 8 right now, not meandering off into motion comics.

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