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July 23 2010's Comic-Con star portraits. Not only is there a great J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon pic, there's also ones of Seth Green and Felicia Day.

Joss practicing his Laser Eyes™. One day they WILL emit beams of pure power, oh yes.

Felicia's is cool. If ... When they remake 'Wacky Races' as a live-action big budget extravaganza she could totally play The Hooded Claw or Penelope (she already has Penny experience after all). Or both for that matter (i'm thinking 'Jagged Edge' style twistiness, that sort of darkness could be just what the sure-to-be-franchise needs).

Some nice photos in there (even if i'm not sure what some of the folk are doing at Comic-Con. David Duchovny for 'Californication' - say wuh ? Unless he was just there as a fan ?).

Also, starting to get a bit excited about the 'Walking Dead' series.
Joss is peering into J.J.'s mind and seeing Super 8 spoilers.

ETA "correct" spelling.

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Awesome. I can't even... JUST AWESOME
No Charisma in The Expendables pic, though. That either bodes well for her near token woman status*-- not being labeled an "Expendable" I mean, or... really, really bad given the way these stories sometimes go.

*(I think there's what, four women in the picture?)
Somehow, J. J. Abrams reminds me of Weyoun from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Somehow, J. J. Abrams reminds me of Weyoun from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Which isn't completely nuts, IMO...Jeffery Coombs and JJ Abrams? Look sorta the same, if you squint the right way ;)
ACK! I can't see any of the other photos because Samsung keeps hi-jacking my computer (curse you Samsung!).
Oh finally, I got to see them all (and they are pretty awesome) and I was thrilled to see Helen Mirren wearing a Harvey Pekar T-shirt! She is so cool.

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