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July 23 2010

NPH to voice Amazing Spider-Man in upcoming "Shattered Dimensions" game. It looks like the good Doctor will once again be doing whatever a spider can.

Yeah.. I played an early code of this a month or so back... I wouldn't get your hopes up of the game being any good. But NPH does a great job.
I don't know, the trailers made it look good. But then again, the trailers for Clash Of The Titans made it look good.
True. But in fairness you expect not to care about the characters and for it just to be one soulless set-piece after another in the trailer.

Don't see the PC mentioned so I couldn't buy this if I wanted to (and I also didn't see the early 00s cartoon) but in my head NPH would be nigh perfect for the voice of Spidey.
I have the same problem I have with Sonic with Spider-Man games. They always look pretty fantastic, but when they finally get released and I play them, there are some fundamental flaws that stop me enjoying them. I haven't purchased the last few (mainly because I didn't find them that interesting) and I probably won't this. Sounds fun for NPH though, I like hearing his voice on my TV. I still watch his "Music Meister" Batman episode on occasion.
Yeah, I thought that was him in the trailer, didn't see his credit online. Good to know, since I'm the rare breed that thought NPH was pretty damn awesome in the short-lived MTV Spidey show. Yes, it was early TV CG work, and yes a lot of it was ugly. But I thought it was a good mix of characters and story, and could have gone on to be a great series. Plus, NPH gets Spidey on a level that Tobey just never quite achieved. Spidey has to be smart, funny, neurotic, nerdy, brave, etc. Tobey never got past nerdy.
NPH was in MTV/Nickelodeon Spidey? I kinda... liked that show.

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