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July 23 2010

Emma Caulfield joins cast of "Life Unexpected". According to Give Me My Remote.

Gave up on this show back midway through Season 1. Guess i've got a reason to watch again. :) this show!! Can't wait to see Emma on it. Awesome!
She also mentioned on her twitter that she was leaving for Vancouver. Will be nice to see her again on my screen.
I actually really like that show! And now that Emma Caulfield's on it, I gotta watch!
You guys, this show is so sweet and endearing, and it kind of harkens back to old WB shows. It's really a wonderful show. Emma will be a great addition.
There goes the idea of her being on Community. But good for her. I guess I'll have to keep watching.
I love Life Unexpected! And now with Emma on it, there's even more reason to love it. Great news!
I decided to drop this show after the finale. Dammit! It will be a real pleasure for Emma to be back on TV. I hope she's a regular, not recurring.
I was always going to continue watching, but this has just made me eager to see more. Yay.

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