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July 23 2010

James Marsters returns as Brainiac for Smallville's 200th Episode. James is the latest former cast member who is returning for Smallville's 10th and final season.

The episode will air in the fall.Kryptonsite lists the 200th episode as the fourth episode of the new season.

Oh count me interested then. *g*
Smallville is still going on?

I'll have to watch it then (the 200th)
Yeah, it's still going and it's still doing its thing of mostly not really being very good but every now and again having a not entirely shit episode that kind of keeps me watching. JM will no doubt raise the standard of whichever eps he's in.

I hope they stick to this being the final season though and I really hope they end it well.
I loved the last season. This has me very excited. :)
James mentioned it at the Caprica panel today (well, the IIRC the moderator mentioned it and James confirmed it).
I've actually enjoyed this past season a lot. I've spent the past few years having fun making fun of Smallville, but this past season I spent more time just enjoying it. Not saying that it's brilliant or anything, but it's been fun. Looking forward to the last season, and it's always good to see James. Also, I need a thesaurus because I can't think of words other than "enjoy" and "fun".
I'm disappointed to hear that its the last season. It seems like I've been watching that show forever. It rarely hits a high note but when it does, I usually squee like a 12 year old girl.

They'll probably end the show with him donning the costume and flying off into the sunset for the first time.

But what they dont say is if they'll be relaunching a new show called...SUPERMAN!. Can it be assumed we'll get that some day or is it already public knowledge that when this is over its all over? Welling was a good Clark/Kal.
It's weird that its finally coming to an end, especially on its 10th season. As perfect as that is, 12 seasons would have been better. I also really enjoyed this past season. There's a lot of gunk in SV but as stupid as some parts were, I felt mostly compelled by every episode last season. Whether it was a major Zod episode or a little romance/horror story out in the woods.

I hope next season is good and tells one heck of a story.
Smallville, Caprica, H50. Nice to see that multiple groups (show-runners etc) see the value-add that is James Marsters.
It seems like I've been watching that show forever.

Yeah, it feels that way to me too sometimes ;).

Last season ended well but then, by and large, the season enders have always been pretty decent on 'Smallville' (though I wouldn't hate it if just once, when someone made a heroic sacrifice, we didn't have it hammered home that "Hey, they're in a cruciform, just like Jesus !") but apart from that I don't particularly remember many fewer eye rolling moments for me. A lot of the stuff with Tess felt extremely ad hoc and shoe-horned in for instance, Callum Blue (who I loved as Mason on 'Dead Like Me') wasn't particularly convincing as Zod (over-enunciating and over-acting his way through pretty much every big emotional scene), they persisted in using a slew of the standard devices (like someone arriving at exactly the wrong part of a conversation so that they only hear the negative - I mean, really ? Still, even today ?) and in general whenever the show came to a fork in the road it always chose the road MOST travelled by.

Chloe/Green Arrow was pretty good though, that felt quite natural (Alison Mack is the most reliably skilled actor in the cast IMO) and it's cool that even after 9 years they're still coming up with new ways to photograph his powers, albeit rarely (i'm thinking of the freeze-frame/flickering lights bit at the CM HQ - very likely partly a budget thing but still pretty creative IMO) and they are at least (finally) taking proper steps towards the cape. Show's just gone on 3-5 years longer than it should have is all (12 seasons ? Nah, doesn't have the legs).
The best things this season was Queen/Green Arrow and Chloe, Zod got on my nerves with the bad acting. I stopped being a big fan when they got rid of Brainiac and did the cheap Chloe is invaded by him thing. So James is going to be very welcome.

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