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July 23 2010

Joss Whedon JJ Abrams Visionaries Comic-Con 2010 video. Joss and JJ's Comic-Con panel on video has been posted to YouTube. Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be found here, here, here and here. /Film is posting transcripts with the first part here.

Oh this is a delight! Thank you to the video maker, I feel like I was really there (and I loved every second of it)! It is always sad to miss SDCC (but I keep missing it, year after year), but this is as close to being there as we've come (so often in the past we waited a month or more for just a few clips).
Slashfilm is posting a transcript of the panel - part one is up now, part two tomorrow.

Looking forward to watching the videos later.
Great video. Have to address something. Does anyone else think that JJ always comes off as a major coldfish?

I'm not saying he's humorless or a jerk, but I've noticed him in a few interviews (including this one) with jokey, pop culture guys like Joss, and he always seems to keep a very stern look on his face. What's with the furrowed brow, JJ?
I think, as a whole, JJ is more contemplative. He's less talky talky especially when he doesn't really have anything to talk about. I thought he did fine. He knows his stuff.
Fair point, Jaymii. Plus, he did loosen up later in the panel.

It's just that sometimes the dude makes Egon Spengler look like Jack Black.
Thanks NotaViking, I added the first transcript link to the post.
My vids for the Joss Whedon Experience panel are partially up and the rest are in the queue. YouTube is really hit-or-miss these last couple days due to increased traffic in San Diego. I'm also posting Bones. They are linked from the above videos.
After Joss's comments about Cabin in the Woods 3D, I think I'm going to see it in 2D.
racheltng: so you are figuring we will get to see 'Cabin in the Woods' in this lifetime? Cause personally I'm feeling some doubt.
Wonderful, thank you so much for posting these links. This is a great panel.
There's also a video interview up on EW.,,20399642_20399689,00.html?bcpid=109297042001&bclid=207619170001&bctid=221078060001
Thanks so much everyone. It's great to have both the videos and the one transcript (second one promised tomorrow :). It's priceless to see the actual event unfolding, but easy to miss part of a sentence or a word here and there - so the transcript makes for a complete experience (short of being there).

My sister just moved to Encinitas a couple of months ago. So close, and she has no interest (actually not a clue, except for thinking I've lost my mind, even knowing about something like Comic-Con).
I almost always really love my sis, but right now .... not so much. ;)
I really enjoyed JJ on the panel actually. Sure, he's not as jokey as Joss, but why should he have to be? I particularly loved at the end when a woman was asking about her brother taking her notes on a script he was working on. JJ was all "what's his number?" in defense of her for doing a good job in giving him notes. Learning how to be open to concrit is essential for a writer.

I thought JJ was cool and he had some really great stories to share like getting The Exorcist's tongue as a kid or editing Steven Spielberg's old movies.
Bit late, but the second part of the transcript is up.

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