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July 23 2010

Buffy Soda is finally available to order on the Jones site. Just thought people might like to know.

Thank you! Order placed! :)

Thanks for posting this!

Now, to decide what to do... I really want the 12 pack (One of each to drink, one of each to collect!), but I'm moving soon! I wonder how long they'll be available to order??
I think I'd like the flavor of "Dawn's a Centaur" best, but I'd feel a little dirty drinking it.
"Twilight Old Moon Orange"

I find that far too amusing.
Well I would really love to try this, but the shipping is more expensive than the soda pop (I'll have to sleep on it).
Ahh finally my epic love of jones combined with my soul crushing buffy infatuation

...I predict this ending well
oops double post

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Gile's should be raspberry (fruit punch), right?? or maybe I've just watched BtVS too many times.
(Only available in USA and Canada)"

Kinda can't believe I just bought a pack, especially since I had no idea shipping was so much. But oh well, it's a cool collectible.
I'm having those same thoughts hitnrun017. At least you're in good comp- Well, at least you're in company.
Just ordered mine. :)
Yeah, ordered mine without realizing how ridiculous shipping was. Oh well, I won't regret it when they arrive!
Thanks for the heads up OP! Just ordered a couple of 12 packs.
I'll bet you anything the artist won't get paid for these either.
One 12 pack coming up... I don't think I'll have the heart to drink this!
how much is shipping? and i dont get the raspberry refrence, scraggle, and that makes me feel like a bad fan ;)
Cainis_Latrans: the six pack of soda is only $12.99 but the shipping (UPS ground) is $13.05, which more than doubles the price... but it is still very cool and I still may get them. The Giles reference is from season 4 when Giles is working w/Xander (after Xander moved into his parent's basement) when Xander's Mom offers to get them some cool aide... and Giles wanted it if it was 'raspberry' flavored.
thanks embers, i remember that now. i guess $26 isnt bad ill prolly get a pack or two
The twelve pack shipping is $17, which is slightly less than double, but still high. I assume it's something to do with shipping glass bottles that raises the price.
yea, fragile bottles + liquids are heavy = paying ungodly shipping
The flavors are mostly kind of gross, so I think I'll pass on the sodas that cost more than I have in my bank account. I'll just keep a picture of the bottles on my desktop.
Shipping to Utah was $20.82 for two 12 packs for me.
How about Buffy Mochas? How many times did Buffy get wired on soda pop? None! Mochas? Oh yeah!

And then there's the next question. Where's the Buffy Beer?!? Beer good. Foamy. Take it from Cave Slayer.

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